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Stranded podcast #261

August 28, 2015
  • Featuring a phone interview with alt/country duo The W Lovers *

Today on the show we feature a phone interview with an alt/country duo from Seattle, WA who feature a Kiwi in their ranks! The W Lovers one half Fleur Wood (who we know previously from a previous interview as Fleur Jack), and her partner Wesley Wood. Fluer and Wesley had a chance meeting at a Seattle music store when Fleur was her first solo tour of the US. Sparks flew and Fleur and Wesley began dating and eventually writing songs in the Americana genre. Their musical partnership, The W Lovers, has solidified quickly and this dynamic pairing have already played over 100 shows together in just one year. Tune in to hear Fleur and Wesley speak about their remarkable first meeting and what it’s like to be in a productive songwriting partnership with a significant other.

Featured video: The W Lovers – ‘The Middle Of Nowhere (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #243

April 11, 2015

* Featuring Orit Shimoni LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Orit Shimoni is our very special guest in the studio today. Orit is a well-travelled singer-songwriter who we have invited to perform at the very next ‘Stranded Sunday Session’ at the Railway Club in Vancouver on April 12. Orit, who hails originally from Jerusalem, has been touring and recording consistently for 7 years. Today Orit speaks of how the determination to pursue the uncertain life of a full-time solo artist is drawn from her ‘pure love of song’. And we are gifted with four lyrically-rich live acoustic tracks in the studio.

Featured video: Orit Shimoni – ‘Delicate Times (live) [2014]


Stranded podcast #138

January 12, 2013

* Featuring tracks from the two EPs by first-generation punk band The Victims from Perth, WA and a two part interview with First Nations Blues musician Murray Porter *

First up on the show I feature tracks from The Victims who were active in Perth, WA from 1977-79.  On vocals and guitar is Dave Faulkner, who went on to become the front man of the legendary Hoodoo Gurus. ‘Television Addict’ is the band’s signature single, being a mainstay on many punk/garage compilations and covered by bands such as You Am I and Hellacopters.

Today I pay tribute to Peter Gordon, a member of 60s British pop duo The Marbles, who scored an international hit with the song ‘Only One Woman‘.  Peter, who passed away this past week, immigrated to Australia in the 1950s where he became friends with the Bee Gees when they were first starting out.  Peter played lead guitar on some early Bee Gees songs before relocating back to England and eventually forming The Marbles with his cousin Graham. Thanks to Peter Foldy for letting the listeners know about this wonderful act from a golden-age of pop music.

The First Nations self determination Idle No More movement is gaining momentum in Canada so this week is a great time to revisit the interview with inspiring First Nations blues musician Murray Porter.  Part 1 was aired last December but on today’s show you can hear both parts 1 and 2.  Following this you can enjoy three more amazing contemporary Canadian First Nations artists who are all performing this weekend at the Native America North Showcase in New York City –  Elisapie, Don Amero and Digging Roots.

“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water.” (

The Victims – ‘Television Addict’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘I’m Flipped Out Over You’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘I Understand’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘Open Your Eyes’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘High School Girls’ [AU]
The Marbles – ‘The Walls Fell Down’ [UK/AU]
The Marbles – ‘Only One Woman’ [UK/AU]
Murray Porter – ‘Is Sorry Enough’ [CA]
Interview with Murray Porter Part 1
Murray Porter – ‘Rez Blues’ [CA]
Interview with Murray Porter Part 2
Murray Porter – ‘Set My Love Free’ [CA]
Elisapie – ‘Life Is What You Make It’ [CA]
Don Amero – ‘What Do You Wanna Do?’ [CA]
Digging Roots – ‘Spring to Come’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Walk Like A Giant’ [CA]

Featured video – The Victims – ‘Television Addict’ (1977)

Stranded podcast #108

April 20, 2012

*Featuring the Hoodoo Gurus 1984 classic ‘Stoneage Romeos’*

Hi Listeners!  Well, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to feature the legendary Hoodoo Gurus.  Their debut ‘Stoneage Romeos’ is a bona fide classic and I was delighted to stumble across a copy of the vinyl LP in the CiTR library.  This week is the perfect time to feature it as the reformed and still rocking Gurus have emarked on the ‘Dig It Up!’ series of shows in Australia where they are playing ‘Stoneage Romeos’ in it’s entirety.  And the gigs are a powerhouse celebration of garage rock with an impressive roster of bands invited to join the bill including Hard-Ons, Died Pretty, Red Kross and The Sonics!  Enjoy.  MG

Hoodoo Gurus – ‘I Want You Back’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Tojo’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Leilani’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Arthur’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Dig It Up’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘(Let’s All) Turn On’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Death Ship’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘In The Echo Chamber’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Zanzibar’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘I Was A Kamikaze Pilot’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘My Girl’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ‘Freedom’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ‘Let’s Take the Long Way Home’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ’10:10′ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Walking’ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Tear the Roof Off’ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Open Road’
Passing Clouds- ”My Angel Sarah’ [CA]
Carli and Julie Kennedy –  ‘Small Town Stories’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Nothing Matters’ [CA]

Featured video:  Hoodoo Gurus – ‘My Girl’ (1983)