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Podcast #411

July 11, 2020

Featuring Dog Day, Mini Bikes, Witch Prophet and more

Mercy Arms – ‘Kept Low’ [AU]
Red Riders – ‘Ordinary’ [AU]
Youth Group – ‘Skeleton Jar’ [AU]
Key Out – ‘Chorus’ [AU]
Mini Bikes – ‘Magic Happens’ [AU]
These Things – ‘Overworked & Underpaid’ [AU]
Witch Prophet – ‘Roman’ [CA]
Jah’Mila – ‘Chant Their Names’ [CA]
Dog Day – ‘Hell On Earth’ [CA]
Massey-Harris – ‘Fire In The Desert’ [CA]
Harmony Trowbridge – ‘Bookish’ [CA]
Tayt Modern – ‘Honeymoon’s Over’ [CA]
Died Pretty – ‘Next To Nothing’ [CA]

Mercy Arms, Red Riders and Youth Group all came to prominence in the potent Sydney scene of the 2000’s and you can hear a sampling of their tunes this week. From there we share a track from new Sydney indie band Key Out from their record Anthropomorphia, out on Half A Cow. Our selection of new Canadian tracks features Tayt Modern (Vancouver), Harmony Trowbridge (Toronto) and Jah’Mila of Halifax, whose powerful protest song ‘Chant Their Names,’ “is a cry for change in a system that has failed the black community repeatedly.”

Podcast #303

March 31, 2017

Featuring The Celibate Rifles, Aaradhna, Jasper Sloan Yip & more

The Celibate Rifles – ‘Ice Blue’ [AU]
The Celibate Rifles – ‘Back In The Red’ (live)
The Celibate Rifles – ‘Wonderful Life’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Head Above Water’ [AU]
Aaradhna – ‘Brown Girl’ [NZ]
All Our Exes Live In Texas – ‘Sail Boat’ [AU]
Floating Widget – ‘Spiderzilla (feat. Snake from Voivod)’ [CA]
Jasper Sloan Yip – ‘It Must Be True’ [CA]
Frontal Lobotomy – ‘Just As Close To Nothing [CA]
Jesse Waldman – ‘The Rest Of My Days’ [CA]
Harmony Trowbridge – ‘Covers Up’ [CA]
Pale Red – ‘Mineral Lick’ [CA]
Jerk In The Can – ‘What’s Your Name?’ [CA]

This week I read on the I-94 Bar website a glowing review of a rare local show by Sydney-based punk stalwarts The Celibate Rifles.  So I was inspired to revisit three classics from the band’s catalogue at the top of the show.   We introduce listeners to Kiwi-based soul/r&b artist Aaradhna whose song ‘Brown Girl’ is a response to her experiences with racism.  We shift gears with a track from Montreal-based metal band Floating Widget‘s debut record.  And we also feature tracks from the sophisticated folk/pop Vancouver-based outfit Jasper Sloan Yip and Frontal Lobotomy, a cool three-piece folk act from Prince George, BC who I had the good fortune to see live recently.