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Podcast #169

September 14, 2013

* 2013 Red Jam Slam Radio Fest special *

This week I was deeply honoured to assist in hosting the  CiTR component of the Red Jam Slam Radio Fest,  alongside pioneering First Nations broadcaster Gunargie O’Sullivan.   This innaugral event highlighted the sad legacy of the Residential Schools through the airing of a radio documentary, while also celebrating the self-determination and creative spirit of  the First Nations of BC.  In this segment of the special you can hear musicians Trent Agecoutay and Sherry Stewart perform live in the CiTR studio and speak to their experiences as Aboriginal performers in Canada.

Interview with Trent Agecoutay Pt 1
Trent Agecoutay – ‘Tell Me Everything’s Allright’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Trent Agecoutay Pt 2
Trent Agecoutay – ‘On Top Of The Stairs’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Trent Agecoutay Pt 3
Trent Agecoutay – ‘Foundation of Who I Am’ (live) [CA]
Sherry Stewart  – ‘To The River’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Sherry Stewart Pt 1
Sherry Stewart – ‘Amazing Grace’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Sherry Stewart Pt 2
Sherry Stewart – ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ (live) [CA]

Featured video:  Trent Agecoutay – ‘I Don’t Regret A Thing’ (live) [2013]

Stranded podcast #141

February 9, 2013

* Featuring the classic ‘Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow’ EP  by The Saints (1980) and a LIVE phone interview with Jack and Lisa from Gabriola Island band SHED *

I stumbled across an essential CD box-set at Zulu Records the past week containing the first three  records from the second incarnation of The Saints following their split with EMI.  Chris Bailey soldiered on and formed a new band in London, England and immediately recorded the ‘Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow’ EP, which you can here in full today’s show!  Taken from the box-set liner notes:  ‘This is the sound of somebody that wants to/has to make records rather than fulfill a release schedule…It is raw, the sound rough, open and passionate.’

This week is our second feature on the upcoming Red Jam Slam, a celebration of First Nations musicians and spoken word artists, that is taking place in Vancouver on 14 February.  Today we feature two new tracks from the upcoming second album by SHED from Gabriola Island, who are playing the Slam (the rollicking ‘Last Call’ is a must hear!). And joining us on the phone for a chat is husband and wife team Jack and Lisa – guitar/vox and drums respectively – of this wonderfully eclectic band.

The Saints – ‘Simple Love’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Don’t Send Me Roses’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Miss Wonderful’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘On The Waterfront’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Call It Mine’ [AU]
Gunargie O’Sullivan talking about the Red Jam Slam.
SHED – ‘Hold On’ [CA]
Interview with Jack and Lisa from SHED
SHED – Last Call’ [CA]

Featured video – Chris Bailey of The Saints live on ABC TV – ‘Let’s Pretend’