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Stranded podcast #226

December 6, 2014

* Part two of an interview with First Nations activist Rose Henry *

Rose Henry was a guest on the show only a matter of weeks ago, but she was in town again so I was excited to have her pop into the studio for a catch-up.  Rose has just spent time at the the Burnaby Mountain protest against the highly controversial Kinder Morgan Pipeline and she fills us in today on what she observed and took part in on the mountain.

Featured video: Bloods – ‘Penelope’ [2014]

Stranded podcast #194

April 12, 2014

* Featuring interviews with singer-songwriter Fleur Jack and poet/radio DJ Adam Roper *

We’re fortunate enough to have two special guests play on today’s show. First up is kiwi-born rootsy singer songwriter Fleur Jack. Fleur fills us in on her fascinating life story, having established herself in New Zealand as a musician and radio show host, before courageously relocating to Seattle, WA after meeting her partner on tour in North America. She’s is currently raising a young child and performing locally in Seattle with her partner in the project W Lovers.

Adam Roper joins us at the tail end of the show. He is a poet and programmer at CIVL Radio in Abbotsford, BC. Adam speaks of his experience living in Abbotsford and plays us some of his musical finds in that tight-knit scene of that city. You can find tonnes of great music right here at Adam’s blog -

Featured video: Fleur Jack and the Jandells – ‘Ghosts of Simmaron’ [2011]

Stranded podcast #193

April 9, 2014

* Interview with Tim Hart of Boy and Bear *

Today’s interview is with Tim Hart, drummer of Australian band Boy and Bear. He calls through from his hotel in Edmonton, AB where the band had just arrived after playing SXSW in Austin, TX. Boy and Bear have made a name for themselves internationally on the strength of their lush atmospheric pop songs, and a popular cover of the Crowded House classic ‘Fall At Your Feet’. Tim speaks fondly of his connection with Canadian audiences, as well as filling us in on the origins of the band, and his eagerly anticipating an upcoming tour of regional Australian townships.

Featured video: Boy and Bear –  ‘Southern Sun’ [2013]