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Stranded playlist 18 Oct 2010

October 18, 2010

The Fauves – ‘Dwarf On Dwarf’ [AU]
The Fauves – ‘I’ll Work When I’m Dead’ [AU]
The Fauves – ‘Underwhelmed’ [AU]
Angus and Julia Stone – ‘Hold On’ [AU]
Angus and Julia Stone – ‘Black Crow’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Trigger Finger’ [AU]
Darren Hanlon – ‘Modern History’ [AU]
The New Pornographers – ‘Crash Years’ [CA]
Gold Rush – ‘Ladyface’ [CA]
Aids Wolf – ‘Teaching To Suffer’ [CA]
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon – ‘Monkeys’ [CA]
The Dreadnoughts – ‘Cider Road’ [CA]
The Fauves – ‘Everybody’s Getting a Three Piece Together’ [AU]

Featured video: The Fauves – ‘I’ll Work When I’m Dead’ [2006]

Stranded playlist 4 Oct 2010

October 4, 2010

Screamfeeder – ‘Hole Of Blood’ [AU]
Screamfeeder – ‘Bad Time To Be Leaving Town’ [AU]
Screamfeeder – ‘Hi Cs’ [AU]
Darren Hanlon – ‘Butterfly Bones’ [AU]
The Cashews – ‘Tuggeranong Parkway’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Shuck’ [AU]
The Slow Beings – ‘People Leave Heaven’ [AU]
Jen Lane – ‘Grey Skies’ [CA]
Gold Rush – ‘Broke (Modest Mouse)’ [CA]
Women – ‘Can’t You See’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘You Can Dance’ [CA]
Chad VanGaalen – ‘Clinically Dead’ [CA]

Featured video: Screamfeeder – ‘Hi Cs’ [1997]