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Stranded podcast #198

May 10, 2014

* Interview with Charalee Graydon, author of The Judgement Game’ *

We kick-off the show today with tracks by The Chills and The Verlaines, from the classic ‘Dunnedin Double‘ EP, the original double LP lo-fi recording that put the Flying Nun [NZ] record label on the map, way back in 1982.  The fresh sounds of four bands with no prior recording experience, were captured by Chris Knox, using a simple 4 track recorder, in modest spaces like lounge-rooms. The recording was out of print for many years before returning to shelves in a limited run for Record Store Day 2014.

We conclude the show with a thought-provoking departure from our usual programming.  Author Charalee Graydon joins us to discuss her debut book The Judgement Game, before the book’s official launch at Chapters in Victoria next Monday.  Charalee has a professional background in the practice of criminal law and academia.  She has created an interactive book with fictional scenarios, which ask for the reader’s ideas about offences committed by the protagonists and suggestions as to punishment imposed on offenders.

Featured video: The Chills – Kaleidoscope World (1982)

Podcast #173

October 11, 2013

* Featuring Pt II of an interview with kiwi musician TeMatera Smith of Symphony of Screams *

This week we again feature some quality music from New Zealand, including that hotbed of musical creativity, the city of Dunedin, which gave birth to the legendary Flying Nun label. First up is noise/pop act Die! Die! Die! going back to their 2007 release Promises, Promises. This is followed by two tracks from the seminal 1990 record, Submarine Bells, by The Chills.

We’re featuring Kiwi tunes again because it’s time to play Pt II of our interview with Matt ‘TeMatera’ Smith, lead singer of Symphony Of Screams and proprietor of AAA Records, out of the North Island. Matt speaks passionately about the importance of preserving Maori music and culture, and speaks about the work of his label.

We wrap up the show with two of the acts who are competing for Round 5 of CiTR’s Shindig this coming Tuesday – Kill City Kids and Pineapple! Also on the bill is a newcomer named M.Lund. Now who might that be…:)

Die! Die! Die! – ‘Blinding’ [NZ]
Die! Die! Die –  ‘Britomart Sunset’ [NZ]
Die! Die! Die!  – ‘Promises, Promises [NZ]
The Chills – ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’ [NZ]
The Chills – ‘I SOAR’ [NZ]
Kara Gordon and the Wreckage – ‘The Judge’ [NZ]
Interview with TeMatera Smith Pt 1
Thomas Coffey and the Grinders – ‘So Hot Right Now’ [NZ]
Interview with TeMatera Smith Pt 2
Symphony of Screams – ‘Hand Of Power’ [NZ]
Kill City Kids – ‘That’s It You’re Dead’ [CA]
Pineapple – ‘Wahow’ [CA]

Featured video: Kara Gordon and the Wreckage – ”The Judge’ (2012)

Podcast #144

March 23, 2013

* Featuring a mix-bag of great new Cancon tunes *

I recently discovered a curious compilation LP in the CiTR record library that is perfect for the show -‘Beyond The Southern Cross – A Compilation of Indie Recordings from Australia and New Zealand’.  ‘Beyond The Southern Cross’ was released as a double vinyl album by Ink Records (INK 4D) in 1984 and features tracks by notable underground bands who were active in the late 70s/early 80s.  We play from the compilation two tracks a piece by Tactics and legendary Flying Nun band The Clean, from New Zealand.

The remainder of the show is dedicated to showcasing recent releases by a superb crop of Canadian independent artists, many of who have recently been touring extensively throughout Canada, and even Scandinavia for Jenny Ritter.  Brave Parents is the hypnotic new project from Shane Turner who has recently relocated from Vancouver to Toronto.  Another real treat today is two tracks by Eamon McGrath from the Pegasus sessions of demo recordings that were recorded during the autumn of 2011, prior to last year’s last year’s Young Canadians.

Tactics – ‘National Health’ [AU]
Tactics – ‘The Usual’ [AU]
The Clean – ‘Billy Two’ [NZ]
The Clean – ‘Point That Thing Somewhere Else’ [NZ]
The Matinee – ‘L’Absinthe’ [CA]
Two Hours Traffic – ‘Magic’ [CA]
Jamison Troy –  ‘I Still Have Things That Belong To You’ [CA]
Jenny Ritter – ‘Cold House Song’ [CA]
Fist Full ‘O Snacks – ‘MeYouYouandMeYesYouandMeYouMe’ [CA]
Fist Full ‘O Snacks – ‘Hello Goodbye’ [CA]
Jess Cullen – ‘Kia’ [AU]
Brave Parents – ‘Don’t Ask’ [CA]
Brave Parents – ‘Party Box’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Plot Thick It Grows’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘A History Of Canadian Music’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘Instrument of My Release’ [CA]
Aunts and Uncles – ‘Fictional’ [CA]

Featured video – Brave Parents – ‘Party Bag’ [2013]

Stranded playlist 24 Jan 2011

January 24, 2011

Flying Nun, ‘Heavenly Pop Hits’ documentary (3 min exert) [NZ]
The Clean – ‘Tally Ho’ [NZ]
Straightjacket Fits – ‘Bad Note For a Heart’ [NZ]
The Bats – ‘Around You Like Snow’ [NZ]
Headless Chickens – ‘Cruise Control’ [NZ]
The Bakelite Age – ‘Crawlin’ Round the Cellar’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Operetta’ [AU]
Three Quarters Hazel – ‘Out of Control’ [AU]
Rootsystem – ‘Revolution’ [CA/AU]
Sheena Marie – ‘Red Light’ [CA]
L.P.H Beast – ‘Worry’ [CA]
Fancey – ‘Carry Me’ [CA]
Certain Breeds – ‘2 A.M’ [CA]
Thomas Morgan – ‘Whites’ [AU/CA]

Featured video:  The Bakelite Age – ‘Crawlin’ Round the Cellar’ (2010)