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Stranded podcast #268

October 18, 2015

*Featuring First Nations folk singer Andy Mason LIVE in the CiTR studio *

We are joined this week by a very extra special guest – Ottawa-based Mohawk First Nations singer-songwriter Andy Mason!  Andy has strong connections to British Columbia as he previously lived in Vancouver for 11 years where he befriended fellow folk musicians Joey Only and David Roy Parsons.  David, who also joins us on the show today, has invited Andy down to play at the Oct 16 fundraiser for the Artscan organisation which supports Indigenous youth in northern Canada. Andy shares three powerful protest songs from his extensive catalog, starting off with the classic ‘Long Walk 49 Song’.

Featured video:  Andy Mason – ‘Long Walk 49’ (live) [2011]

Stranded podcast #214

August 29, 2014

* RIP Jay Curley of Tumbleweed *

This week the sad news broke of the passing of Jay Curley, bassist of legendary Woolongong-based stoner band Tumbleweed.   Jay and his brother Lenny were two of the founding members of the band which became a much-loved and influential stalwart on the Australian music scene of the 1990s.  Tumbleweed were renowned for their  fuzzed out Sabbath-inspired and wah-wah guitar riffs combined with the Beatles-esq melodies of singer Richie Lewis, played at mammoth volume to legions of fans.   Today we offer a tribute to Jay’s contributions to the early years of the band.

Featured video: Tumbleweed – ‘Acid Rain’ [1992]

Stranded podcast #196

April 29, 2014

* Featuring LIVE music by High Society and David Roy Parsons as well as guest Rod Matheson of EverydayMusicTV *

The established friendships between all three of our guests on the show this week, is testament to the supportive musical climate in East Vancouver. Our first guest, Rod Matheson, has been filming 1000 songs in 1000 days and uploading them to youtube for his innovative Everyday Music project. Rod has already met and filmed a huge number of talented locals, including the members of High Society, who play four songs live in the studio today! Incidentally, Rod is a big fan of folk musician David Roy Parsons, who returns to Stranded this week to play two songs – and oldie and a new one – right at the end of our fun-packed studio gathering.

Featured video: High Society – ‘One Day’ [2012]

Stranded podcast #165

August 18, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Kris and Shannon from Vancouver band Blackberry Wood*

We kick off the show with the lead track to the self-titled release by Polly, the latest solo project from Vancouver music scene veteran Paul Leahy.  I highly recommend catching this guitar hero and brilliant tunesmith in live action!  Seminal Melbourne punk band The Meanies are up next, with a play-through of their ‘Just What You Need’ 7″, which I discovered in the CiTR record library.  Another 7″ to come for another show.

Gold Fields and Vance Joy are two Australian acts passing through Vancouver in the next month.  Stay tuned for ticket giveaway opportunities in upcoming shows.

Our special guests today are frontman Kris and newcomer bassist Shannon, from Vancouver-based alt-country gypsy band Blackberry Wood!  Along with some choice cuts from Blackberry Wood’s two official high-energy releases, you’ll hear Kris and Shannon joyfully reveal some fascinating tales of life on the road, including the remarkable series of events that led to the band being invited to play at the Glastonberry Festival in England….

Polly – ‘It’s a Glam Glitter World’ [CA]
The Meanies – ‘Just What You Need’ [AU]
The Meanies – ‘Best Feel Good Movie’ [AU]
The Meanies – ‘Play The Slay Bells’ (live) [AU]
Gold Fields – ‘Happy Boy’ [AU]
Vance Joy – ‘Rip Tide’ [AU]
David Roy Parsons – ‘Canonize’ [CA]
David Roy Parsons – ‘Our Lady Of Constant Sorrow’ [CA]
Blackberry Wood – ‘Carly’ [CA]
Interview with Blackberry Wood Pt 1
Blackberry Wood – ‘Oh Sweet Honey Vixen’ [CA]
Blackberry Wood – ‘Jailhouse Blues’ [CA]
Interview with Blackberry Wood Pt 2
Blackberry Wood – ‘Strongman’ [CA]
Blackberry Wood – ‘Saint James Infirmary’ [CA]

Featured video:  Blackberry Wood – ‘Oh Sweet Honey Vixen’ [2008]

Stranded podcast #153

May 26, 2013

* Featuring live in-studio performances by special guests Phil Kikuchi and David Roy Parsons *

Today’s show features the first in-studio live performances on ‘Stranded’ for 2013!  This evening, Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver hosts three outstanding local acts – singer songwriters Jess Hill and David Roy Parsons, and instrumentalist Phil Kikuchi.  David and Phil have made the trip down to CiTR today to chat and play some acoustic numbers.  You will hear Phil demonstrate his fingerpicking finesse and David speaks of his fascinating life-story and treats us to his thoughtfully written tunes.

The second half of the show begins with a tune from Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers who are gaining considerable popularity in their hometown Winnipeg and who are debuting their live show in Vancouver at the Railway Club this eve. Then strap yourself in for some high-octane tracks from the legendary Detroit rock inspired Asteroid B-612. These words from an old gig poster sum up their sound perfectly: heart, soul, Chuck Berry, passion, sweat, blood, 64′ Falcons, volume, jealous girlfriends, ego, the element of danger! MG

Interview with Phil Kikuchi Part 1
Phil Kikuchi – ‘Conversations Passion’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Phil Kikuchi Part 2
Phil Kikuchi – ‘DADAD’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 1
David Roy Parsons – ‘Get Nervous’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 2
David Roy Parsons – ‘Even On A Cloudy Day’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 3
David Roy Parsons – ‘Bottle Of Stars’ (live) [CA]
Jess Hill – ‘Capsized’ [CA]
Jess Hill – ‘It Does’t Matter’ [CA]
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers – ‘Boatmen’ [CA]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘On Your Way On Down’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Am I The Problem?’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘September Crush’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Straight Back To You’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Destination Blues’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Farewell Cosmic Commander [AU]

Featured video:  David Roy Parsons – ‘A Valley We Won’t Won’t Name’ (live) [2012]