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Podcast #335

May 5, 2018

Featuring Ecca Vandal, David Francey, Sober Becky and more!

Beasts of Bourbon – ‘Chase The Dragon’ [AU]
Beasts of Bourbon – ‘Can’t Say No’ [AU]
Beasts of Bourbon – ‘So Long’ [AU]
Body Type – ‘Arrow’ [AU]
Even – ‘Little Piece’ [AU]
Ecca Vandal – ‘Your Orbit ft. Sampa The Great’ [AU]
Pharis and Jason Romero – ‘Sweet Old Religion’ [CA]
Dave Allen – ‘Plainview’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Lonely Road’ [CA]
Danny Bell – ‘Yadda Yadda’ [CA]
Crones – ‘Gatorade’ [CA]
Sober Becky – ‘Exasperated on Your Couch’ [CA]
Neko Case – ‘Hell On’ [CA]

This week we air three Beasts of Bourbon tracks that bassist Brian Hooper co-wrote and played on. Hooper sadly passed away late in April after being diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Also on the show we play Melbourne-based Ecca Vandal‘s track ‘Your Orbit’ (check out the cool video inspired by 90s hip hop and female empowerment). And then we’re into the Canadian part of the show with brand new tracks from Juno Award winning folk artists David Francey and Pharis and Jason Romero. An eclectic mix of tracks as always!

Stranded playlist 29 October 2011

October 29, 2011

* Part 4 of the ‘Stranded’ special on The Church, featuring an exclusive three-part interview with drummer and producer, Tim Powles*

The Jolts – ‘I Wanna Dig (Where The Xs Are)’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘The Dabbler’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Yesterday’s News’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Red Winged Blackbird’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Torn Screen Door’ [CA]
The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Pangaea’ [AU]
The Church – ‘No Certainty Attached’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Another Earth’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 1
Hammock (featuring Tim Powles) – ‘Verse for Forgiveness’ [US/AU]
The Church – ‘Happenstance’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 2
Mark Moldre – ‘The Buzzing Of Bees’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Lighthouse’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Words Fail’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 3
The Church – ‘Lunar’ [AU]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ (live in Seattle) [2009]