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Stranded podcast #135

December 15, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Jolene McGill of Singing Cedar Studios and Vancouver goth/post-punk band Cowards performing LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Next Wednesday night the Portland Hotel Society and the Waldorf Hotel is hosting the Destroyer DJ Community Fundraiser which will raise money for Christmas presents for residents of the Downtown Eastside.  Dan Bejar himself and other members of the legendary Destroyer will be spinning some of their favorite tunes! Today I feature three tracks from the early years of Destroyer.

This Saturday night at Eternal Abundance on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, Jolene McGill and like-minded friends are hosting a fundraiser for Singing Cedar Studios. Once the studio opens in January many events including yoga classes and massage will be conducted out of the space.  Joelene speaks today about the fundraiser as well as a future project in Guatemala, and introduces a song by Kala Moteeyl who will be a musical guest on the night.

In the second half of the show, Vancouver goth post-punk band Cowards play live in the CiTR studios!  It was exhilarating to have this tight and powerful band play a set for us and neat to hear about their love of The Birthday Party!  Featuring Spencer Davis, Josh Rose and Corey Lee, Cowards are “The VSS, on Dilaudid plus UNSANE wearing suits and playing in a candlelit goth club” – Terminalescape Blog.

Destroyer – ‘No Cease Fires!’ [CA]
Destroyer – ‘Destroyer’s the Temple’ [CA]
Destroyer – ‘The Sublimation Hour’ [CA]
Wiser Fool – ‘World Gone Wrong’ [CA]
Interview with Jolene McGill of Singing Cedar Studios
Kala Moteeyl – ‘Sugar Shack Weekend’ [CA]
Cub Scouts – ‘Told You So’ [AU]
Abbe May – ‘Karmageddeon.’ [AU]
Cowards – ‘Cleaned up not washed’ (live)
Cowards – ‘Ends Inside’ (live)
Cowards – ‘See Em Be Em’ (live)
Cowards – ‘4th song’ (live)
Neil Young – ‘Ramada Inn’ [CA]

Featured video –  Destroyer – ‘The Temple’ (live) [2007]

Stranded podcast #125

August 31, 2012

* Featuring tracks by legendary Perth garage/power pop band The Stems and an interview with Aboriginal musician Shy-Anne Hovorka of Thunder Bay, ON *

The Stems, who hailed from Perth, Western Australia, were a stunningly catchy outfit with a fuzzed-out, 60s garage sound and a penchant for power-pop melodies.  They were only around for a few years during the mid to late 1980s, but that was long enough to leave behind a series of well-received singles that hold up well to this day.  I recently came across a singles compilation on The Stems called ‘Mushroom Soup: The Citadel Years’ and I feature some of these classic singles from this record on the show today.

And today it is an honour to present to you an interview I recorded with Shy-Anne Hovorka, a well-established, multi-award-winning singer and performer from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  As you can hear in the tracks I play from Shy-Anne’s ‘Interwoven Roots’ release, Shy-Anne is a compelling songwriter, with a strong connection to her First Nations roots.  Her talents and commitment have led to her nomination for the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards.  Shy-Anne speaks today of her experiences mentoring Aboriginal children in the performing arts who otherwise have lacked encouragement for self-expression where they live in isolated northern communities.  

And as always, you can listen to some fresh tracks from some of the best new independent musicians from Australian and Canada, including Sydney band The Laurels and Vancouver (via Regina) singer-songwriter Jamison Troy.  Enjoy!  MG

The Stems – ‘Make You Mine’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Tears Me In Two’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘She’s A Monster’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Love Will Grow’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Under Your Mushroom’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘On And On’ [AU]
The Laurels – ‘Changing The Timeline’ [AU]
Cub Scouts – ‘Do You Hear?’ [AU]
Zeebz v Miss Vitula – ‘Soothes My Soul’ [CA]
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Birch, Cedar, Spruce’ [CA]
Interview with Shy-Anne Hovorka Pt 1
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Waabakimi’ [CA]
Interview with Shy-Anne Hovorka Pt 2
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Glue’ [CA]
The Cyrillic Typewriter -‘Boxing Arenas’ [CA]
Jamison Troy – ‘Wake Me up…’ [CA]
Mode Moderne – ‘Nightly Youths’ [CA]

Featured video: Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘The Glue’ (2012)

Stranded podcast #112

May 19, 2012

* Including a feature on Kiwi band Shihad *

Shihad are certainly the most significant alternative rock band to emerge from New Zealand.  With over 1500 shows under their belt, 8 world-class full length releases and multiple accolades in their home country, it’s still a wonder why the rest of the world hasn’t caught onto the excitement they’ve been generating, on stage and off, in the Southern Hemisphere for over 20yrs.  I have vivid memories of witnessing the band play some blistering live shows in small clubs in Australia.

Remarkably, I discovered a copy Shihad’s original vinyl release ‘Devolve’ in the CiTR library.  Only 1000 of these were released in 1990 and I can’t imagine there are many laying about in Canada.  So today I play a track from that punishing metal release (which brought the band early attention from and shows supporting Faith No More and Anthrax).  I then play some highlights from some of Shihad’s earlier releases, up to the ‘Pacifier’ album which was recorded for the band’s bittersweet attempt to capture the admiration of audiences in the US.   MG

Shihad – ‘It’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Bitter’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Deb’s Night Out’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Home Again’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Interconnector’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Pacifier’ [NZ]
Pacifier – ‘Everything’ [NZ]
Megan Bernard – ‘Big Dreams’ [AU]
Cub Scouts – ‘Do You Hear’ [AU]
The Bamboos (feat. Tim Rogers) – ‘I Got Burned’ [AU]
Chains Of Love – ‘He’s Leaving (with me)’ [CA]
Chains Of Love – ‘I’d Rather Be Crying’ [CA]
Carlie and Julie Kennedy – ‘Already Miss You’ [CA]
David Blaire – ‘Hurts So Hard’ [CA]

Featured video: Shihad – ‘Deb’s Night Out’ (live) [1998]