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Stranded podcast #265

September 24, 2015
  • Featuring the ‘Human Frailty’ album by Hunters and Collectors *

Along with a great mix of new Canadian music, this week we also feature all four of the singles from the classic Hunters and Collectors album ‘Human Frailty’. I lucked upon a CD copy of the album at Zulu records recently (thanks Grant!). Led by songwriter Mark Seymour, Hunters and Collectors formed in 1981 in Melbourne and by the time of recording ‘Human Frailty’ had become a powerful presence on the Australian pub rock scene. This 1986 landmark record for the band was noted for it’s effective melding of guitar and horn driven hard rock and intense lyrics about sexual politics and alienation. Featuring such classic songs as ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ It’s a fine entry point into the catalogue of one of the all time great Australian bands.

Featured video: Hunters and Collectors – ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ (1986)

Stranded podcast #254

July 4, 2015

* First show in the brand new CiTR studio *

Today marks the very first show in the brand new CiTR Radio studio!  I was skeptical at first but I can firmly say the new building is fantastically ultra modern, spacious and certainly conducive to hosting live acts on air.  That said, I had some teething problems getting my head around the new system so apologies if the podcast contains some technical mishaps.  Another wild card was a fire alarm going off requiring me to put on a CD and vacate the building!  It’s certainly a show I’ll remember…

Featured video: Sun God Replica – ‘Werewolves In Love’ [2014]


Stranded podcast #244

April 17, 2015

* Featuring Nathaniel Krikke LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Regular listeners will know that since October 2014 we have been hosting the ‘Stranded Sunday Sessions’ – an intimate acoustic evening on the second Sunday of each month on the North Stage of the Railway Club in Vancouver.  Today’s special guest, Nathaniel Krikke, was a performer on the March bill.  Nathaniel, a brand new performer, who has roots in Northern Alberta, returns to Vancouver today from this home in Abbotsford to chat with us on air and play three expertly crafted acoustic roots tunes for us in the studio!

Featured video: Ratcat – ‘That Ain’t Bad’ [1990]

Stranded podcast #229

December 30, 2014

* Interview with Alea Rae and Nicholas from The Good In Everyone *

Today we revisit the proto-grunge sounds of Australia’s Cosmic Psychos, featuring the fuzz-bass and vocal growl of farmer and bulldozer driver Ross Knight. The fascinating and unlikely story of the band’s adventures overseas has been documented in the film ‘Blokes You Can Trust’ [2014].

Today is our xmas special and we air a handful of Christmas-themed songs, including a super-cool track by Vancouver’s Paul Leahy (of the band Polly) called ‘Rumble on Christmas Eve Night‘.

And in the last half hour of the show we catch up once again with Alea Rae and her band, as well as Nicholas from indie-pop band The Good In Everyone. Our returning guests reflect on the year in music, especially in regard to the Vancouver scene.

Featured video: Cosmic Psychos – ‘Custom Credit’ (live) [2011]

Stranded playlist 26 August 2011

August 27, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1990 live album ‘Slave to the Crave’ by The Cosmic Psychos’ *

Cosmic Psychos – Decadence  (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Rip and Dig (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Lead Me Astray (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Quarter to Three (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Stink (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Pub (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Back in Town (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Can’t come in (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – David Lee Roth (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – On the Farm (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Custom Credit (live) [AU]
Buck 65  – ‘Zombie Delight’ [CA]
Buck 65  – ‘Tear of Your heart With’ [CA]
Hawksley Workman – ‘Animal Behavior’ [CA]
Hawksley Workman – ‘Who do they kiss?’ [CA]
The Dears – ‘5 chords’ [CA]

Featured video:  Cosmic Psychos – ‘Lost Cause’ (1990)