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Podcast #424

December 5, 2020

Featuring Ruby Fields, Salin, Cory Owens and more

Lime Spiders – ‘My Favorite Room’ [AU]
Lime Spiders – ‘Ignormy’ [AU]
Lime Spiders – ‘NSU’ [AU]
Carla Geneve – ‘The Right Reasons’ [AU]
Julia Jacklin – ‘to Perth, before the border closes’ [AU]
Ruby Fields – ‘Pretty Grim’ [AU]
Salin – ‘In Tune With The Moon’ [CA]
Snotty Nose Rez Kids – ‘Where They At’ [CA]
The Naysayers – ‘RUN’ [CA]
Cory Owens & The Old Quarry Boys – ‘Cherry Tree’ [CA]
We Found A Lovebird – ‘Sent On A Boat’ [CA]
The Sweet Pomelos – ‘Discount Beef’ [CA]
The Besnard Lakes – ‘Raindrops’ [CA]
Kiwi Jr – ‘Undecided Voters’ [CA]

Post-punk psych-rock band Lime Spiders formed in Sydney in 1979 and are most well-known for their 1987 60s garage rock inspired debut record The Cave Comes Alive! We air three tracks from the record this week before Perth-based indie folk artist Julia Jacklin’s timely single ‘to Perth, before the border closes’. And our mix of new Canadian tracks includes a new track from fine songwriter Cory Owens and his new band The Old Quarry Boys.

Stranded podcast #192

March 30, 2014

* Cory Owens and Juniper Watters LIVE in the CiTR studio*

Cory Owens and Juniper Watters are our special studio guests this week. They are both local singer-songwriters who I met at the regular Monday night open-mike at Mr Bronwstone’s pub at Main and 13th in Vancouver. Cory hosts the open-mike and hold space for a eclectic group of performers of all ages, genres and ability. I myself have benefited hugely from developing my own performance stage at Mr Bronwstone’s so it’s a pleasure to have Cory on the show. Juniper is likewise a burgeoning local talent, a long time CiTR listener and even has family connections to last week’s guest and Mr Bronstone’s regular Leonard Pennifold! Cory and Juniper are both playing at Raw Canvas in Yaletown on April 10.

Featured video: Cory Owens – ‘It’s A Lie’ (live) [2010]