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Stranded podcast #133

November 24, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Los Angeles-based musician and filmmaker Peter Foldy who recorded a string of great pop hits in the 1970s, and who has spent time living in Australia and Canada *

The long-running Canadian independent label Ugly Pop Records is re-issuing some classic 7″ singles, including some vinyl from Australia. IN-SECT are an obscure 60s garage band from Adelaide, SA, who released their first single in June 1966.  Today on the show you can hear both sides of this fuzzed-out gem of a 7″, including the b-side cover of a Yardbirds classic.

And we continue featuring tunes from Adelaide with two brand new tracks from legendary hard-core band The Mark of Cain.  It’s been over 10 years since we’ve heard from brothers John (voc/guitars) and Kim Scott (bass) and drummer John Stainer, previously of US band Helmet.  The new record ‘Songs of the Third and Fifth’ is a typically brutal yet beautiful tour de force of tight playing and lyrics which focus on military themes and the plight of the lone existentialist.

We’re delighted to invite filmmaker and songwriter Peter Foldy to chat during the second half of the show.  Peter has recently taken time out from his busy schedule in Los Angeles to assist Todd Fancey of the New Pornographers to record a solo release in Vancouver.  Today Peter shares some of his fascinating life story which spans a youth spent in Sydney, where he was friends with the Bee Gees when they were just starting out, through to his own breakthrough as an artist with the heart-felt classic single ‘Bondi Junction’ (1973).

IN-SECT – ‘I Can See My Love’ [AU]
IN-SECT- ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain- ‘Barkhammer’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Heart of Stone’ [AU]
Peter Foldy – ‘Rejection From You’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 1
Peter Foldy – ‘Bondi Junction’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 2
Peter Foldy – ‘Meant to be together’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 3
Peter Foldy – ‘Carly’ [AU/US]

Featured video – Peter Foldy – ‘Bondi Junction’ (1973)

Stranded podcast #132

November 3, 2012

* Featuring tracks from Vancouver punk legends Pointed Sticks and Part 1 of an interview with Chris Basaraba, luthier and proprietor of Basone Guitar Shop in Vancouver  *

This Saturday night, legendary first-generation Vancouver punk band Pointed Sticks play their final ever show at the Rickshaw. After splitting in 1981 following adventures and mishaps in England, much touring in Canada and the recording of their  album, ‘Perfect Youth’, the band remarkably reformed in 2006 for a run of Canadian and Japanese dates.  The second coming of the Pointed Sticks also led to the ‘Three Wrongs Make a Left’ LP release which holds up strongly when compared to their original youthful recording.  Today on the show you can hear three tracks apiece from each of these records.

Chris Basaraba is a true rarity – a highly skilled luthier who apprenticed in the traditional trade of guitar construction during the 90s before opening his own custom-made guitar shop – Basone Guitars – in East Vancouver. I had a chance to chat with Chris this week about what it’s like to be working as a luthier in today’s world. You can hear part 1 of this interview on the show today.

Pointed Sticks – ‘Perfect Youth’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘American Song’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘Part of the Noise’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘She’s Not Alone Anymore’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘Sentimental Fool’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘All Night’ [CA]
Interview with Chris Basaraba from Basone Guitars
Titan’s Eve – ‘Judgement’ [CA]
Handsome Distraction – ‘Intervention’ [CA]
Dom Fricot – ‘Haunted by Love’ [CA]
Wiser Fool – ‘What’s Been Said?’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Lips (I Want Your)’ [CA]
Julia Stone – ‘By The Horns’ [AU]
Sophie Hutchings – ‘Twilight Zone’ [AU]
Tamaryn – ‘The Garden’ [NZ]

Featured video – Pointed Sticks – ‘Out Of Luck’ [1980]

Stranded podcast #131

October 20, 2012

*Featuring tracks from Midnight Oil and Part 1 of an interview with First Nations singer-songwriter Dom Amero from Winnipeg *

Iconic British folk singer and activist Billy Bragg, will soon be joining the panel discussion on the ABC TV Q&A program, along with some Australian politicians, including Peter Garret, former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Senator for the Labor Patty.  Bragg and Garrett are both known for their outspoken views on progressive political issues, so this show is sure to provide a thought-provoking exchange.  Today we air some Midnight Oil tracks spanning from the self-titled record of 1978 through to 1998′s ‘Redneck Wonderland’ record.  Following this is Billy Bragg, performing a live version of a rare song by Weddings Parties Anything.

Don Amero is a fine example of the new generation of hard-working independent Canadian First Nations singer-songwriters who are building solidarity through quality record releases and widespread touring.  This week I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Amero’s most recent album ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, which contains a set of subtle acoustic tunes that sprung from a burst of inspiration following the birth of his child. Today on show I speak with Amero about his journey from a difficult upbringing in Winnipeg to his life-altering decision to purse music full time, and the growing movement of Aboriginal artists to connecting internationally.

Midnight Oil – ‘Powderworks’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be The One’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Kosciusko'[AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘My Country’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Truganini’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Redneck Wonderland’ [AU]
Billy Bragg – ‘Ship In My Harbour’ (live) [UK]
Don Amero – ‘Can I Be Made New’ [CA]
Interview with Don Amero Pt 1
Don Amero – ‘Sound Of Us Going Down’ [CA]

Featured video:  Don Amero – ‘What Do You Wanna Do?’ [2012]

Stranded podcast #130

October 13, 2012

* Featuring tracks from Geelong’s Magic Dirt and an interview with Vancouver poet Weldon Gardner Hunter, reading from his latest anthology ‘The Stella and Pony Years‘ *

We periodically revisit Magic Dirt on the show because this seminal band from the industrial city of Geelong, fronted by the gorgeous and explosive Adalita Srsen, is just so damn rockin’!   You can enjoy two tracks today from their brooding and heavily distorted debut full-length from 1996, ‘Friends In Danger.’

Weldon Gardner Hunter is a rare breed of poet.   While embedded in the academe, where he is completing a PhD, Weldon maintains a practice of composing poetry from the heart, which documents his life in the city of Vancouver.  These poems have been compiled into the delightful anthology ‘The Stella and Pony Years’ (2012).  Above all else, Weldon desires these poems be shared with friends (my copy of ‘…Pony Years’ is currently my go-to reading for lthe long 99 bus ride).

And Weldon has many friends in the independent music scene of Vancouver, which makes him an extra-stimulating guest for this show.  Today, Weldon reads selections from ‘The Stella and Pony Years’ which is available online and locally at Pulp Fiction Books.  Weldon also spins tunes from local acts Menopause and Family video, who feature the musical contributions of prominent indie locals Nicole Caron and Jeff Johnson respectively.

Magic Dirt – ‘Sparrow ‘ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘I Was Cruel’ [AU]
Lowlakes – ‘Cold Company’ [AU]
The Valery Trails – ‘Feline’ [AU]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Pt 1
Rainyard – ‘1000 years’ [AU]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Pt 2
Menopause – ‘Mixtape’ [CA]
Menopause – ‘No Hymen’ [CA]
Menopause – ‘Marion’s Birthday Sermon’ [CA]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Part 3
Family video – ‘Paradise’ [CA]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Part 4
Myths – ‘ The Labyrinth’ [CA]

Featured video: Magic Dirt – ‘I Was Cruel’ live [1996]

Stranded podcast #129

October 6, 2012

* Featuring tracks from two different records by The Living End –  ‘It’s For Your Own Good’ (1996) and White Noise (2008) – and an interview with Vancouver folk musician Jenny Ritter *

The Living End is a seminal three-piece rockabilly/punk band from Melbourne, who features the pounding upright double-bass of Scott Owen and the blistering axe-work of singer Chris Cheney. The band formed in 1994 and shot to prominence after scoring the support slot for the 1995 Green Day tour, on the strength of a demo that was sent directly to Billie Joe Armstrong.  Today you can hear three tracks from the band’s debut recording ‘For Your Own Good’, before we leap ahead to the three singles from 2008’s  well-received ‘White Noise’ LP.

Jenny Ritter may be familiar to listeners as one of the sweet voices from seminal West Coast folk act The Gruff, who toured Canada frequently for a decade to much acclaim.  On today’s show I speak with Jenny down the line from her hometown of Victoria, BC, where she played the night previously at the launch of her debut full-length release, ‘Bright Mainland’.  Jenny speaks of her experiences playing music in Scandinavia and encouraging the flowering of local voices in the ever-popular Kingsgate Chorus.

The Living End – ‘From Here On In’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘English Army’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘One More Cell’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘Raise The Alarm’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘White Noise’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘Moment In The Sun’ [AU]
The Gruff – ‘Commercial Drive’ [CA]
Interview with Jenny Ritter Pt I
Jenny Ritter – ‘They Can’t Tell’
Interview with Jenny Ritter Pt II
Old Man Luedecke – ‘I’m Fine’ (I Am, I Am) [CA]
Interview with Jenny Ritter Pt III
Jenny Ritter – ‘We Must Sing’ [CA]

Featured video: Jenny Ritter – ‘You Missed The Boat’ [2012]