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Stranded podcast #114

June 6, 2012

* Featuring a special on the 2012 Music Waste Festival and an in-studio interview with Vancouver hard rock band Black Sugar *

The start of spring is a wonderful time to be in Vancouver. As the winter damp and grey morphs into hints of summer seductions, the first of the major musical festivals transforms a number of local venues into the weekend of musical creativity and performance that is Music Waste. I feature a few of the bands playing this year’s Music Waste, including CiTR’s own Chrisariffic! To warm up the show I feature a few tracks from Chris’ old band They Shoot Horses Don’t They, before showcasing some local acts that you can catch this weekend.

Fresh alt-country from Australia’s The Yearlings follows, before we come full circle and feature a local band of a completely different style – hard rock. Vancouver’s Black Sugar has 3 track ep out and are gearing up an upcoming gig at the Railway Club on June 15. Vocalist Rob and guitarist Alex of the band pop into the studio to chat and play a couple of acoustic tracks live! Matt G

They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – ‘Emptyhead’ [CA]
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – ‘Hiccup’ [CA]
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – The Bugs [CA]
Chrisarrific – ‘Christian Witch’ [CA]
Yung Mums – ‘Cobra’ [CA]
The Ballantynes – ‘The Message’ [CA]
Brazilian Money –  ‘I Won’t Be Such A Loser’ [CA]
Brazilian Money – ‘Ovaltine In The Morning’ [CA]
Brazilian Money – ‘Can’t Live In A Vacume’ [CA]
Shuyler Jansen – ‘Falcon’s Wing’ [CA]
Nurse- ‘Airship’ [CA]
The Yearlings – ‘Butterfly’ [AU]
The Yearlings – ‘Distraction’ [AU]
Black Sugar – ‘Burning One Down’ (live in the CiTR studio) [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Nothing’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘100 Ways To Die’ (live in the CiTR studio) [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Pretty Women’ [CA]

Featured video: Brazilian Money (live) at BBQ Your Own Waste

Stranded podcast #113

May 25, 2012


* Featuring bands on the roster of New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records *

Today on the show I feature two of the flag-ship bands on the much-lauded Flying Nun Records label from New Zealand – The Verlaines and The Bats.  Flying Nun has been the incubator for the influential ‘Dunedin Sound’ of indie pop.  During a period in the 80s and 90s, Dunedin, along with Olympia, WA and Glasgow, Scotland, was a key center for the global indie-pop underground.  The tracks from the Verlaines and The Bats will take you back to this era and perhaps wet your appetite to explore this wonderful roster of bands on Flying Nun, that exists as a cultural force to this day.

Sadly, on today’s show I also give regards to Peter ‘Blackie’ Black of Sydney punk legends The Hard-Ons.  Blackie was recently beaten in a senseless attack while driving a taxi on this day job, which resulted in serious injuries and bruising to the brain.  It’s been inspiring to see fans online rally to Blackie’s support by donating funds to help him with living expenses for the next few months while he recovers.

And CiTR’s own Chrisarrific, host of Part’s Unknown, is featured at the tail end of the show.  I play all three tracks on his latest 7″ called ‘Bible Belts.  Enjoy!  MG

The Verlaines – ‘ Doomsday’ [NZ]
The Verlaines –  ‘Jesus, What A Jerk’ [NZ]
The Verlaines – ‘ War In My Head’ [NZ]
The Verlaines – ‘Sighting The Sound’ (live) [NZ]
The Verlaines – ‘Block Of Wood’ (live) [NZ]
The Verlaines – ‘Blanket Over the Sky’ [NZ]
The Bats – ‘Lawn Vibe’ [NZ]
The Bats- ‘Courage’ [NZ]
The Bats – ‘Sight The Sound’ [NZ]
The Bats – ‘Green’ [NZ]
The Bats – Afternoon In Bed’ [NZ]
Hard-Ons – ‘Let’s Pretend Its Vanilla’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘In The End We All Die Alone’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Lose It’ [AU]
Chrisarrific – ‘Christian Witch’ [CA]
Chrisarrific – ‘I Can’t Carry That’ [CA]
Chrisarrific – ‘For Real’ [CA]

Featured video: The Verlaines – ‘Doomsday’ (1986)