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Stranded playlist 15 July 2011

July 16, 2011

* Featuring interviews with Vancouver’s Buckman Coe and female roots musician Toby from Perth, Western Australia *

Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Greyhound Guitar Man’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Not So Farfetched’ – [CA]
Live phone interview with Buckman Coe
Buckman Coe – ‘The Apocalypse is Not Guarateed’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Leaving Samsara’ [CA]
The Sadies – ‘Another Year Again’ [CA]
The Sadies – ‘Another Day Again’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘I am the deer’ [CA]
The Sheepdogs – ‘I don’t know’ [CA]
Chains of Love – ‘You Got It’ [CA]
Mode Moderne – ‘Undiscovered country’ [CA]
Toby – ‘Good Old Days’ [AU]
Toby – ‘Fly’ [AU]
Live phone interview with Toby
Toby – ‘Again’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘Bradman’ [AU]

Featured video:  The Sheepdogs – ‘I don’t know’ (2011)

Stranded playlist 03 June 2011

June 5, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1995 album ‘Ill At Ease’ by The Mark of Cain (TMOC) + telephone interview with Nathalia Pizzaro from Vancouver’s Chains of Love*

TMOC – ‘Interloper’ [AU]
TMOC- ‘Hindsite’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘First Time’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘Remember Me’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘Point Man’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘Walk Away’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘You Let Me Down’ [AU]
TMOC – ‘Tell Me’ [AU]
TMOC – Contender’ [AU]
Interview with Nathalia from Chains of Love
Chains of Love – ‘You Got It’ [CA]
Fine Mist (featuring Nick Krgovich) – ‘I Could Shout’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Mark of Cain – ‘Pointman’ (live) [2001]

Stranded playlist 20 May 2011

May 21, 2011

*Featuring a live interview with Kailin See of the Portland Hotel Society (PHS)  talking about the Homeless Soccer Team fundraiser being held at the Rickshaw Theatre*

78-Saab – ‘Sunshine’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘No Illusions’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘One Of These Days’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘Warm Jets’ [AU]
Nunchukka Superfly – ‘Hot Enough For Ya’ [AU]
New Christs – ‘We Got This!’ [AU]
Hoss – ‘Jack Of Grubs’ [AU]
I Heart Hiroshima – ‘Washed Up’ [AU]
My Fiction – ‘Shanghai Surprise’ [AU]
The Medics – ‘Her Song’ [AU]
Carry Nation – ‘Phil Spector’ [AU]
Los Furios – ‘Joke’s On You’ [AU]
Los Furios – ‘Kill My Fire’ [AU]
The Soles – ‘Broken Ghost’ [CA]
D.O.A – ‘Rebel Kind’ [CA]
The Cyrillic Typewriter – ‘Blue Coat, Brown Ink’ [CA]
The Oh Wells – ‘I Hate The Sun’ [CA]
Chains Of Love – ‘You Got It’ [CA]
Chains of Love – ‘Breaking My Heart’ [CA]

Featured video:  78-Saab – ‘No Illusions’ (2004)


Stranded playlist 14 Feb 2011

February 14, 2011

*Featuring an interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church, recorded on the band’s FUTURE PAST PERFECT tour of the USA*

The Church – ‘Buffalo’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Chromium’ [AU]
Exclusive interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church
The Church – ‘Easy’ [AU]
Astreetlightsong – ‘Remind Me’ [AU]
Astreetlightsong – ‘The Lighthouse’ [AU]
Mark Moldre – ‘Buzzing Of Bees’ [AU]
Abbe May – ‘Mamillian Locomotion’ [AU]
Starfish Hill  – ‘Cab Ride’ [AU]
Rootsystem – ‘These Days’ [CA]
The Midnight Hours –  ‘Motel Blues’ [CA]
Chains Of Love – ‘Lately’ [CA]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Easy’ (2006)

Stranded playlist 10 Jan 2011

January 10, 2011

*Featuring live phone interview with Dusty from Kill Matilda*

The Church – ‘Under the Milky Way’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Anna Miranda’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
Connor B Fitz – ‘Round The Bend’ [AU]
The Hatty Fattners – ‘Seattle Slug’ [AU]
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – ‘Wiyathul’ [AU]
Nokturnl – ‘Time Flies’ [AU]
Nokturnl – ‘U can’t B Me’ [AU]
Kill Matilda – ‘Geisha With A Switchblade’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ [CA]
Phone interview with Dusty from Kill Matilda.
Kill Matilda – ‘Fault Lines’ [CA]
Chains Of Love – ‘You Got It’ [CA]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Under The Milky Way’ (1988)