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Podcast #299

February 24, 2017

Featuring Rose Tattoo, Japandroids, Century Palm and more

Rose Tattoo – ‘Rock`n`Roll Outlaw’ [AU]
Rose Tattoo – ‘Nice Boys’ [AU]
Rose Tattoo – ‘Scarred For Life’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Head Above Water’ [AU]
Sweet Whirl – ‘Heavy Tackle’ [AU]
Carla dal Forno – ‘Fast Moving Cars’ [AU]
Japandroids – ‘No Known Drink Or Drug’ [CA]
Julie And The Wrong Guys – ‘Farther From You’ [CA]
Century Palm – ‘King of St. John’ [CA]
Kele Fleming – ‘Mosaic’ [CA]
Louise Burns – ‘Storms’ [CA]
Sunday Morning- ‘Come The Rain’ [CA]
Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson – ”Rattlin’ Bones’ [AU]

Guns n Roses covered the Rose Tattoo classic ‘Nice Boys’ on their 1988 record Lies and they invited legendary, diminutive front-man Angry Anderson on stage at their recent Sydney stadium show to blast through a version of the track.  You can hear this track from the 1978  self titled album, and two other Rose Tattoo classics at the top of show.  We debut the new single ‘Head Above Water’ from punchy Melbourne-based two-piece This Way North. And lots of great new Canadian music in the 2nd half of the show including tracks from Toronto-based acts Julie and the Wrong Guys (featuring Eamon McGrath) and Century Palm.

Podcast #279

August 10, 2016

Featuring an interview with Vancouver band Warless

The Drones – ‘Sharkfin Blues’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘How To See Through Fog’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘To Think That I Once Loved You’ [AU]
Carla Dal Forno – ‘Fast Moving Cars’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘This Heat’ [AU]
Warless – ‘Contemporary Blues’ [CA]
Interview with Warless
Warless – ‘Dream’ [CA]
Interview with Lionel from MoM Festival
Winona Wilde – ‘Don’t Kick A Girl’ [CA]

This week we begin a series of interviews I recorded of performers at the 2016 Arts Wells music festival in Wells, BC! The first interview, with Keith and Rikka of Vancouver band Warless, was actually recorded in Williams Lake, BC where the band was playing a pre-festival warm-up show the week prior. Keith and Rikka were a joy to talk to, as they explain their unschooled creative process which deeply reflects their West Coast roots, and their desire to spread positivity and good-times through their energetic live performances.

And we have a bonus interview this week with Lionel Connet who is one of the chief organisers of the Music On The Mountain (MoM) Festival in Fort St James, in Northern BC. I caught up with Lionel at Arts Wells where he was volunteering and sharing information and contacts with artists and fellow festival organisers. There’s still time to get tickets to this year’s festival which runs from 19-21 August!