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Podcast #384

September 28, 2019

Featuring Ainsley Farrell, The Highloves, Peter La Grand and more

Decline Of The Reptiles – ‘Don’t Look Down’ [AU]
Someloves – ‘Don’t Talk About Us’ [AU]
The Visitors – ‘Living World’ [AU]
June Jones – ‘Meryl’ [AU]
Ainsley Farrell – ‘Dark Spell’ [AU]
Benny Walker – ‘All Ya Gotta Do Is Call’ [AU]
The Highloves  – ‘Tried Too Hard’ [CA]
Haviah Mighty – ’13th Floor’ [CA]
Celeigh Cardinal – ‘The Devil Is A Blue Eyed Man’ [CA]
Keigh – ‘The Close’ [CA]
Peter La Grand – ‘The Cross and Crow’ [CA]
Chris-a-Riffic – ‘I Just Ran Out Of Friends’ [CA]
Neil Young & Stray Gators – ‘New Mama (live)’ [CA]
Ben Lee – ‘Nothing Much Happens’ [AU] 

The ‘Do The Pop! The Australian Garage-Rock Sound 1976-’87‘ compilation is highly recommended for discerning listeners of the show. We air three tracks from the compilation from lesser-known bands this week – Decline Of The Reptiles, Someloves and The Visitors (featuring Deniz Tek). After new Australian tracks including the latest from indigenous singer-songwriter Benny Walker, we introduce Keigh and Peter La Grand from Vancouver, with a track-a-piece from their debut releases.

Stranded podcast #263

September 5, 2015
  • Featuring an interview with music legend Ben Lee *

We have an extra special interview this week with music legend Ben Lee!  I got word that Ben was hosting an intimate house concert at a yoga studio on Commercial Drive this past weekend, and went along with a voice recorder.   Luckily Ben had a few minutes spare time post-gig for a quick chat.  The ups and downs of Ben’s story in music have been well-documented, since his auspicious beginnings at age 14 with the band Noise Addict and his subsequent solo albums.  In our chat today Ben speaks of how the music he consciously creates these days, and his charity work with the organization Inkarri, has been informed by his shifts in consciousness via explorations of eastern spirituality and plant-based medicines.

Featured video: Ben Lee – ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’ [1998]

Stranded podcast #195

April 23, 2014

* Record Store Day 2014 *

Before he burst onto the global stage through a fortunate association with Sonic Youth, Ben Lee fronted the teenage band Noise Addict. Last weekend I stumbled across their mid-90s ‘Noise Addict vs Silverchair’ EP at Zulu Records so I thought I’d spin the whole CD on the show today! A highlight is ‘I Wish I Was Him’ which was Ben’s homage to Evan Dando of the Lemonheads.

Also on the show today is a selection of Vancouver artists including the legendary Destroyer who is returning for a rare homing show in mid 2014, as well as bands playing this weekend for the Sasstorino’s 1 year anniversary bash and also Record Store Day 2014!

Featured video: Ben Lee – I Wish I Was Him (1993)

Stranded podcast #183

January 4, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Supernatural River *

I found a copy of Spiderbait‘s 2004 release Tonight Alright, sitting in studio C at CiTR, so what better time to revisit this unique three-piece, featuring a singing drummer, who began their musical journey in the small down of Finley, Victoria in 1989.   I’ve even met music fans here in Canada who speak fondly of seeing Spiderbait perform on their one and only tour to these parts a number of years ago.   New single ‘Straight Through The Sun’ follows a small selection of tracks from the band’s back catalogue.

In June 2011 we interviewed passionate local musician The Boogieman Jordan Daniel.  Jordan has refined his musical identity since then and now records and performs as Supernatural River. He returns to CiTR today, with his partner Coleen Knows, to introduce us to an upcoming talk ‘Ayahuasca – A Conversation About Psychedelic Plants and the Expansion of Consciousness’.  Tune in to hear Jordan speak with conviction and humour about his experiences with the conscious-raising, and healing potential of the Ayahuasca plant, and get on down to Lanalous in Vancouver, next Thursday night for the full talk, with musical accompaniment by Supernatural River (solo)!

Featured video: Supernatural River – ‘Sleepwalker’ (live and unrehearsed) [2013]

Stranded podcast #162

July 27, 2013

* Featuring tracks by Ben Lee and and a CiTR Arts Report special on the life and works of Canadian visual artist Eisert Hall *

Ben Lee‘s remarkable musical journey kicked off at a very young age when his high school band from Bondi in Sydney, Noise Addict, came to the attention of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore.  His solo career began at the age of 16 and has continued to this day.  Ben’s latest release, which you can hear a sample of today, is a concept album that relates his experience exploring his inner world with the help of Ayahuasca: ceremonies.

The last half hour of the show is dedicated to a re-broadcast of a CiTR Radio Arts Report special on the life and works of award-winning Canadian visual artist Eisert Hall.  Eisert speaks at length about the philosophical underpinnings of her artistic output, and demonstrates a passion for social justice and freedom of thought that she has not deviated from throughout her decades-long career as a working artist and educator.

Noise Addict – ’16’ [AU]
Noise Addict – ‘Brinsley [AU]
Ben Lee – ‘Nothing Much Happens’ [AU]
Ben Lee – ‘Tornados’ [AU]
Ben Lee album trailer – ‘Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work’
Ben Lee – ‘In The Silence’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Sound As Ever’ (live) [AU]
Doughboys – ‘Why She’s A Girl From the Chainstore’ [CA]
The Jessica Stewart Few – ‘Don’t Ya’ [CA]
Iskwew Singers – ‘Ninikamawina’ [CA]
Interview with Canadian visual artist Eisert Hall

Featured video:   Noise Addict – ’16’ [1995]