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Stranded playlist 22 July 2011

July 23, 2011

*Featuring a live phone interview with Beth from Melbourne’s The Little Stevies*

The Birthday Party – ‘Junkyard’ [AU]
The Birthday Party – ‘Jennifer’s Veil’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘I’m Gonna Kill That Woman’ [AU]
The Little Stevies – ‘The Day We Went Away’ [AU]
Chat with Beth from the Little Stevies
The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ [AU]
Nova Scotia – ‘The World Is Not Enough’ [AU]
The Missing Lincolns – ‘Queanbeyan Flats’ [AU]
The Re-Mains – ‘Your Reward’ [AU]
The Smugglers – ‘Whiplash’ [CA]
Bill Bourne and the Radio Free Band – ‘Deep Dark Woods’ [CA]
Rural Alberta Advantage – ‘The Breakup’ [CA]
Hot Panda – ‘Evil Nature’ [CA]
B-Lines – ‘Hastings Strut’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ (2011)

Stranded playlist 27 May 2011

May 28, 2011

*Featuring in-studio guest – Australian traveller and music lover, Kelly Weiss*

INXS – ‘It’s The One Thing’ [AU]
Grinspoon – ‘Just Ace’ [AU]
Yothu Yindi – ‘Jailbreak’ [AU]
SPK – ‘Mekano’ [AU]
SPK – ‘In Flagrante Delicto’ [AU]
Dave McCormack – ‘If You’re Famous and You Know It’ [AU]
Dave McCormack – ‘The Faith Healer’ [AU]
A French Butler Called Smith – ‘Spam Jam’ [AU]
Sia – ‘Clap Your Hands’ [AU]
Architecture in Helsinki – ‘Contact High’ [AU]
Miami Horror – ‘Holiday’ [AU]
Sparkadia – ‘China’ [AU]
Collapsing Opposites – ‘Diamond Mind’ [CA]
Collapsing Opposites – ‘Teachers and Students’ [CA]
B-lines – ‘Hastings Strut’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Validation’! [CA]
My Friend Wallace – ‘Hiding’ [CA]
INXS – ‘Don’t Change’ [AU]

Featured video: INXS – ‘Don’t Change’ (live) [1983]