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Stranded podcast #248

May 16, 2015

* Interview with Saskatoon-based artist Dumb Angel *

Today’s special guest, Shaun Mason – aka Dumb Angel – calls all the way from Saskatoon, Sk! Dumb Angel plays atmospheric, layered music that is self-described as ‘spacey, melodic and confessional’ (Videos and Venues blog).  Shaun speaks of the Prairie origins and initial Beach-Boys inspiration of his project, as well as his time in Montreal where he first connected with Matt and Rick from The Eternal Husbands.  You can hear tracks from the brand new Dumb Angel record called ‘Broken Glass’ (out now on Clamour Records), as well as Shaun’s recommendations of other great Saskatoon bands.

Featured video: The Deep Dark Woods – ‘Sugar Mama’ (live) [2011]

Stranded 11 Oct 2010

October 11, 2010

*Featuring special guests Angus and Julia Stone who are preparing to play Vancouver on 12 Oct at Venue*

Angus and Julia Stone – ‘Big Jet Plane’ [AU]
Live telephone interview with Angus and Julia Stone
Angus and Julia Stone – ‘You’re The One That I Want’ [AU]
Angus and Julia Stone – ‘And The Boys’ [AU]
Even – ‘Bowie In My Dreams’ [AU]
Even – ‘I Have Nothing’ [AU]
Aleks and the Ramps – ‘Bummer’ [AU]
Beth n Ben – ‘Affirmation’ [AU]
B.A Johnson – ‘Love = NBA Jam’ [CA]
David Newberry – ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ [CA]
The Gruff – ‘Commercial Drive’ [CA]

Featured video: Angus and Julia Stone – ‘And The Boys’ [2009]