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Stranded podcast #215

September 12, 2014

* 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival special *

We kick of the show this week with four blistering tracks from the classic record ‘Readin’ Between The Lines’ by Asteroid-B612. Johnny Spittles led this high-octane Detroit-rock inspired outfit through the 90s before the band imploded part way through a European tour. He currently plays music as Johnny Casino and the Secrets and he is highly regarded in the Australian rock n roll world.

The second half of the show is devoted to a special on the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival I contributed to a podcast series for The Arts Report on CiTR 101.9fm and you can hear a replay of the two podcasts on the themes of ‘dating’ and ‘failure/quitting’. You’ll hear interviews with Emily Windler of ‘Gary Has A Date’ and Al Lafrance of ‘The Quitter’, after which you may be inspired to check out their plays at the festival itself! And I’m delighted to present a bonus interview with Fringe veteran and UK funny-man/philosopher Jem Rolls, who passionately speaks to why he loves ‘fringing’.

Featured video:  Asteroid B-612 – ‘September Crush’ (live) [2011]

Stranded podcast #153

May 26, 2013

* Featuring live in-studio performances by special guests Phil Kikuchi and David Roy Parsons *

Today’s show features the first in-studio live performances on ‘Stranded’ for 2013!  This evening, Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver hosts three outstanding local acts – singer songwriters Jess Hill and David Roy Parsons, and instrumentalist Phil Kikuchi.  David and Phil have made the trip down to CiTR today to chat and play some acoustic numbers.  You will hear Phil demonstrate his fingerpicking finesse and David speaks of his fascinating life-story and treats us to his thoughtfully written tunes.

The second half of the show begins with a tune from Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers who are gaining considerable popularity in their hometown Winnipeg and who are debuting their live show in Vancouver at the Railway Club this eve. Then strap yourself in for some high-octane tracks from the legendary Detroit rock inspired Asteroid B-612. These words from an old gig poster sum up their sound perfectly: heart, soul, Chuck Berry, passion, sweat, blood, 64′ Falcons, volume, jealous girlfriends, ego, the element of danger! MG

Interview with Phil Kikuchi Part 1
Phil Kikuchi – ‘Conversations Passion’ (live) [CA]
Interview with Phil Kikuchi Part 2
Phil Kikuchi – ‘DADAD’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 1
David Roy Parsons – ‘Get Nervous’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 2
David Roy Parsons – ‘Even On A Cloudy Day’ (live) [CA]
Interview with David Roy Parsons Part 3
David Roy Parsons – ‘Bottle Of Stars’ (live) [CA]
Jess Hill – ‘Capsized’ [CA]
Jess Hill – ‘It Does’t Matter’ [CA]
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers – ‘Boatmen’ [CA]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘On Your Way On Down’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Am I The Problem?’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘September Crush’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Straight Back To You’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Destination Blues’ [AU]
Asteroid B-612 – ‘Farewell Cosmic Commander [AU]

Featured video:  David Roy Parsons – ‘A Valley We Won’t Won’t Name’ (live) [2012]