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Stranded podcast #256

July 17, 2015

* Phone interview with the band Radioglo from Auckland New Zealand *

Today’s special guests are Gene and Heath from the band Radioglo. They phone all the way from their home of Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand!  Radioglo came to my attention as one of the great bands on the AAA Records label, and I was determined to find out more about them.  You can hear this good-natured and talented pair speak of the joys of their songwriting partnership and the making of their eclectic and impressive debut record ‘In Between Time’.

Featured video: Radioglo – ‘Pusherman’ [2015]

Stranded podcast #186

February 8, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Australian blues musician Ash Grunwald *

Last week we interviewed the brooding Zeb Piggot-Duggan, a new voice of the singer-songwriter scene of Vancouver. You can hear an original recording of his music today, along with a track by legendary local songwriter David Roy Parsons, and a song by myself!  We’re all playing this evening at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver.

We last spoke to today’s special guest, Ash Grunwald, last August, when he was preparing for a Canadian tour.  Today Ash calls through from the stunningly beautiful surfing and wine region of Margaret River in Western Australia.  Ash has just taken a rare chunk of time off the road to practice and write, and while he is croaky-voiced from a gig the night before, he speaks enthusiastically about preparations from his upcoming return to Canada.   He also takes the time to demonstrate his passion for raising awareness of the dangers of the industrial process of ‘fracking’, of which he wrote the song ‘The Last Stand’ on his Gargantua LP.

Featured video:  Ash Grunwald – ‘The Last Stand’ (live) [2013]

Stranded podcast #164

August 9, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Australian blues musician Ash Grunwald in anticipation of his 15 August show at the Media Club *

Last night at a house show I had a chance meeting with Steve, the bassist of Melbourne-based punk band Useless Children, was passing through town on a west-coast tour. I was blown away by the intensity of the performance in a cramped Vancouver basement, and I was delighted to hear the influence of Magic Dirt, in the powerful overdriven guitar work.  Steve revealed his devotion to Magic Dirt, and his enthusiasm re-invigorated my own love of this seminal band from Geelong.  Today on the show I play the entire ‘Signs Of Satanic Youth’ EP from 1993, before airing the brand new single for front woman Adalita.

The well-travelled Australian blues musician Ash Grunwald phones through today to speak about his new record Garganuta, which features the musical powerhouse of Scott Owen and Andy Strachan of  The Living End on bass and drums.  Ash speaks about the evolution of his experimental electronica-influenced blues style.  He also reveals his passion for raising awareness of significant environmental issues through the avenue of his music.  Catch Ash Grunwald live at the Media Club in Vancouver on 15 Aug!

And we end the show with a brief tribute to Canadian Aboriginal folk musician Willie Dunn who passed away this week in Ottawa.  RIP.

Magic Dirt – ‘Eat your blud’ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘Touch That Space’ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘Redhead’ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘Choker’ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘Fearless Fly’ [AU]
Useless Children – ‘Locked Groove’ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Longtime’ [AU]
Interview with Ash Grunwald pt 1
Ash Grunwald – ‘The Last Stand’ [AU]
Interview with Ash Grunwald pt 2
Ash Grunwald – ‘Mojo’ [AU]
Interview with Ash Grunwald pt 3
Ash Grunwald – ‘Smokestack Lightening’ [AU]
Willie Dunn – ‘Son of a Sun’ [CA]

Featured video: Ash Grunwald – ‘Longtime’ [2012]

Stranded podcast #108

April 20, 2012

*Featuring the Hoodoo Gurus 1984 classic ‘Stoneage Romeos’*

Hi Listeners!  Well, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to feature the legendary Hoodoo Gurus.  Their debut ‘Stoneage Romeos’ is a bona fide classic and I was delighted to stumble across a copy of the vinyl LP in the CiTR library.  This week is the perfect time to feature it as the reformed and still rocking Gurus have emarked on the ‘Dig It Up!’ series of shows in Australia where they are playing ‘Stoneage Romeos’ in it’s entirety.  And the gigs are a powerhouse celebration of garage rock with an impressive roster of bands invited to join the bill including Hard-Ons, Died Pretty, Red Kross and The Sonics!  Enjoy.  MG

Hoodoo Gurus – ‘I Want You Back’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Tojo’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Leilani’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Arthur’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Dig It Up’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘(Let’s All) Turn On’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Death Ship’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘In The Echo Chamber’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘Zanzibar’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘I Was A Kamikaze Pilot’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘My Girl’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ‘Freedom’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ‘Let’s Take the Long Way Home’ [AU]
Beautiful Girls – ’10:10′ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Walking’ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Tear the Roof Off’ [AU]
Ash Grunwald – ‘Open Road’
Passing Clouds- ”My Angel Sarah’ [CA]
Carli and Julie Kennedy –  ‘Small Town Stories’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Nothing Matters’ [CA]

Featured video:  Hoodoo Gurus – ‘My Girl’ (1983)