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Podcast #282

August 31, 2016

Featuring a re-broadcast of our interview with Andy Gordon 

Andy Gordon – ‘Let It Go’ [AU]
Andy Gordon – ‘Circle In The Sand’ [AU]
Interview with Andy Gordon
Andy Gordon – ‘Lieutenant Dawes’ (live) [AU]
Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – ‘Maureen’ [AU]
President Street – ‘Yeah I Know’ [AU]
Larissa Tandy – ‘Harder, Heavier’ [AU/CA]
Shadows Cast – ‘Windows’ [CA]
Old.Soul.Rebel – ‘Please Please’ [CA]
Douse – ‘Speak To Carry Us’ [CA]

Kangaroo Valley-based singer-songwriter Andy Gordon is returning to tour BC in September! You may recall we recorded an insightful interview and live acoustic set with Andy last year in which he describe the conception and recording of his incredible album New Albion. The songs on the record are based on the interactions between Australia’s First Peoples and the British settlers. We re-broadcast part of that interview on the show this week.

Lots of great new music for the remainder of the show including a track from new Vancouver two-piece Old.Soul.Rebel, and debut single from Vancouver art/rock band Douse, who you may know under their previous name Alea Rae. I had the pleasure of seeing Northern BC-based one-man-band The Alkhemist play last weekend and I grabbed a copy of the record he recorded as a two-piece while living in Haida Gwaii, under the name Shadows Cast.

Stranded podcast #264

September 13, 2015
  • Featuring alt-folk artist Andy Gordon LIVE in the CiTR studio *

This week’s extra special guest is a quality alternative folk singer-songwriter named Andy Gordon who hails from Kangaroo Valley, NSW.  Listeners might recall our previous interview with Andy in 2013 where he spoke about his single ‘Breelong Black’ which was written about the Aboriginal outlaw Jimmy Governor.  Andy has deepened his historical research to include the very early years of colonial Australia and his latest album, ‘New Albion’ is a song cycle about the interactions of the First Fleet settlers and the Aboriginal First Peoples.  Andy actually joins us in person this time as he is on his first tour of British Columbia.  He speaks at length about the stories behind the songs on this impressive album and plays three tracks for us live in the studio.

Featured video: Andy Gordon – ‘The Fire Is Out’ [2015]

Stranded podcast #160

July 13, 2013

* Featuring interviews with Richard from Kamloops band The Infectuals and singer-songwriter Andy Gordon from Kangaroo Valley, NSW *

A public service announcement this week – Al Mclean, an Australian ex-pat living in Vancouver, recently had his beloved acoustic guitar stolen from a pub in Whistler where he was playing a gig.  The guitar is an Australian-made Cole Clarke acoustic with a cutaway.  if you know of it’s whereabouts, please phone Al at 604 910 6508 or email him at

Today’s show features two interviews with very different artists.  First up is Richard of The Infectuals from Kamloops, BC.  This is a re-broadcast of the interview I recorded on a spontaneously when I was hosting a fill-in slot on a Saturday afternoon.  Darcy, the proprietor of Mr Brownstone’s Pub on Main Street, phoned and asked if I could feature the band on my show before their Thursday night show.   10 minutes later Richard pulled his van over the side of the road and patched through directly on air!  Richard reveals how his father actually started UBC’s very own Pit Pub back in the 1960s…

Then singer-songwriter Andy Gordon phones through from his home in Kangaroo Valley, NSW.  Andy, a self-described beardy-country artist, with an appreciation for history and the gift of well-crafted song, has just released his latest full-length album The Reverent Jorfy, available online and on vinyl. Andy takes us on a journey into Australia’s past as he reveals the story behind his single Breelong Black, which is a powerful alt folk retelling of the story of the Aboriginal bush ranger Jimmy Governor, as first documented in the Thomas Keneally novel, ‘The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith’.

Skinny Puppy – ‘Dig It’ [CA]
Skinny Puppy – ‘Stairs and Flowers’ [CA]
Skinny Puppy – ‘Tin Omen’ [CA]
Skinny Puppy – ‘Tormentor’ [CA]
Resignators – ‘Told Me Twice’ [AU]
Resignators – ‘Train Robbas’ [AU]
The Infectuals –  ‘Tonight’ [CA]
Interview with Richard of The Infectuals
The Infectuals – ‘Clarity’ [CA]
Interview with Andy Gordon Pt 1
Andy Gordon- ‘ Breelong Black’ [AU]
Interview with Andy Gordon Pt 2
Andy Gordon – ‘One-eyed Jesus’ [AU]

Featured video: Andy Gordon – ‘Breelong Black’ (2013)