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Podcast #371

June 15, 2019

Featuring An Horse, Classified, The Pinheads and more

Midnight Oil – ‘Don’t Wanna Be The One’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Beds Are Burning’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Hercules’ (live) [AU]
An Horse – ‘This Is A Song’ [AU]
Alex Lahey – ‘Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself’ [AU]
36? – ‘Changing Channels’ [AU]
The Pinheads – ‘Feel It Now’ [CA]
Brutal Poodle – ‘Crowd Control’ [CA]
Sigh – ‘Dusty Rose’ [CA]
Classified – ‘Cold Love ft.Tory Lanez’ [CA]
Cee & Notion – ‘Found U’ [CA]
Hard-Ons – ‘I Do, I Do, I Do’ [AU]

One of the most unlikely of band reunions of the last few years has been that of Midnight Oil. Frontman Peter Garret spent years working in politics following the original disbanding of the group in 2002 before a full scale reformation took place in 2016, with a subsequent world tour. New material is expected in 2020, so while we wait, we air three classics from the band at the top of the show. Aussie two-piece An Horse are back after a lengthy break since their last record and you can hear come-back single ‘This Is A Song’ on the show, along with our regular mix of new Oz and Canadian tracks.

ozstranded podcast #104

March 24, 2012

* Featuring tracks from the compilation ‘Team Mint 20’ and the Super Wild Horses ‘Fifteen’ record.*

The Awkward Stage – ‘Anime Eyes’ [CA]
Bella – ‘Give It A Night’ [CA]
Immaculate Machine – ‘Jarhand’ [CA]
The Organ – ‘Brother’ [CA]
Mark Kleiner Power Trio – ‘Beautiful Smile’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Letter From An Occupant’ [CA]
Carolyn Mark – ‘Edmonton’ [CA]
The Smugglers – ‘Buddy Holly Convention’ [CA]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Lock and Key’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Fifteen’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Mess Around’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Adrian’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Enigma (You Say So)’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Carolina’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Degrassi’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Stranger by the Day’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Dressed Sharply’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Brain On A Table’ [AU]
Bliss N Esso – ‘Climb These Cliffs’ [AU]
Bliss N Esso – ‘$5 steak’ [AU]
Isidore – ‘Life Somewhere Else’ [AU]

Featured video:  Super Wild Horses – ‘Fifteen’ [2010]

Stranded playlist 17 June 2011

June 17, 2011

* Featuring Vancouver artist The Boogieman Jordon Daniel LIVE in the CiTR studio *

The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘Our Song’ (live) [CA]
The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘Sweet Teeth’ (live) [CA]
The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘I Want It All’ (live) [CA]
The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘No Axe To Grind’ (live) [CA]
The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘Song To Boogie’ (live) [CA]
Barn Burner – ‘Keg! (Stand And Deliver)’ [CA]
Beasts Of Bourbon – ‘Drop Out’ [AU]
Beasts Of Bourbon – ‘Ten Wheels For Jesus’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘From Here On In’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘What’s On Your Radio?’ [AU]
The Living End – ‘The Ending Is Just The Begining Repeating’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Camp Out’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Dressed Sharply’ [AU]
Boy And Bear – ‘Mexican Mavis’ [AU]
DZ- ‘The Mess Up’ [AU]

Featured video:  The Boogieman Jordon Daniel – ‘No Axe To Grind’ (2010)