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Podcast #413

July 22, 2020

RIP Chi Pig

SNFU – ‘Painful Reminder’ [CA]
SNFU – ‘Fate’ [CA]
SNFU – ‘Cockatoo Quill’ [CA]
The Meanies – ‘Jekyll and Hide’ [CA]
Thelma Plumb – ‘These Days’ [CA]
Keiino & Electric Fields – ‘Would I Lie’ [CA]
Zaac Pick – ‘Atmosphere’ [CA]
Summersets – ‘Fake Flowers’ [CA]
The Steadies – ‘Undeniable’ [CA]
Jody Glenham – ‘Barely Alive’ [CA]
Language Arts – ‘Sprout’ [CA]
Mother Sun – ‘Pizza For Days’ [CA]
Adrift – ‘Our Moment’ [CA]
Mitch Holtby – ‘Bear The Cold’ [CA]
Mo Kenney – ‘You Belong To Me’ [CA]

Ken Chinn, AKA Chi Pig, front-man and lyricist of Canadian hardcore punk band SNFU has passed away at age 57. SNFU formed in Edmonton in 1981 and quickly became a mainstay on the Canadian punk scene. International acclaim followed after relocation to Vancouver and three albums that were released on Epitaph Records. I was blown away by Chi’s stage presence when I saw the band supporting Bad Religion on an Australian tour in the 90s. Chi Pig has inspired many, many people globally. RIP.

Podcast #412

July 19, 2020

Featuring Tkay Maidza, Astral Swans, Pottery and more

You Am I – ‘Rumble’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Arse-Kickin’ Lady From The North-West’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘I Live Under The Flightpath’ [AU]
The Beths – ‘Jump Rope Gazers’ [NZ]
Tkay Maidza – ‘Shook’ [AU]
Tralala Blip – ‘Pub Talk’ [AU]
Honour Bound – ‘Brittle Bones’ [CA]
Tombstone – ‘Blistered Eyes’ [CA]
Lyle Bats – ‘I’ll Be The Bow’ [CA]
Astral Swans – ‘Bird Songs’ [CA]
Pottery – ‘Texas Drums Pt I & II’ [CA]
Carsen Gray – ‘Sah ‘Laana’ [CA]
Art Bergmann – ‘Company Store’ [CA]

We play the You Am I‘s 1998 single ‘Rumble’ this week, including the two brilliant b-sides. The Beths from New Zealand are back and you can hear the title track to their latest record Jump Rope Gazers before we introduce Tralala Blip, a collective of differently-abled musicians from Bangalow, who create and produce electronic music projects. And we feature three acts from the Carbioo Region of BC – heavy bands Honour Bound and Tombstone, and singer-songwriter Lyle Bats (formerly Drum and Bell Tower).

Podcast #411

July 11, 2020

Featuring Dog Day, Mini Bikes, Witch Prophet and more

Mercy Arms – ‘Kept Low’ [AU]
Red Riders – ‘Ordinary’ [AU]
Youth Group – ‘Skeleton Jar’ [AU]
Key Out – ‘Chorus’ [AU]
Mini Bikes – ‘Magic Happens’ [AU]
These Things – ‘Overworked & Underpaid’ [AU]
Witch Prophet – ‘Roman’ [CA]
Jah’Mila – ‘Chant Their Names’ [CA]
Dog Day – ‘Hell On Earth’ [CA]
Massey-Harris – ‘Fire In The Desert’ [CA]
Harmony Trowbridge – ‘Bookish’ [CA]
Tayt Modern – ‘Honeymoon’s Over’ [CA]
Died Pretty – ‘Next To Nothing’ [CA]

Mercy Arms, Red Riders and Youth Group all came to prominence in the potent Sydney scene of the 2000’s and you can hear a sampling of their tunes this week. From there we share a track from new Sydney indie band Key Out from their record Anthropomorphia, out on Half A Cow. Our selection of new Canadian tracks features Tayt Modern (Vancouver), Harmony Trowbridge (Toronto) and Jah’Mila of Halifax, whose powerful protest song ‘Chant Their Names,’ “is a cry for change in a system that has failed the black community repeatedly.”

Podcast #410

July 1, 2020

Featuring Scarlet Drive, Constantines, Leela Gilday and more 

Tamam Shud – ‘Music Train Evolution’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘I’m No One’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘Mr Strange’ [AU]
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’ [AU]
Servo Flowers – ‘Messed Up’ [AU]
Scarlet Drive – ‘Not My Problem’ [AU]
Constantines – ‘Call Me Out’ [CA]
Bruce Peninsula – ‘Whistle’ [CA]
Leela Gilday – ‘Giants’ [CA]
Freak Heat Waves – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ [CA]
Patrick Farrugia – ‘Through The Looking Glass’ [CA]
Missy D – ‘Paint’ [CA]

Tamam Shud are a psychedelic, progressive rock and surf rock band who formed in 1967. Their unusual name comes from the mystery of the Somerton Man….We air three tracks from their debut album, Evolution, at the top of the show. We introduce world-class Australian Indigenous R&B and neo-soul artist Miiesha, Servo Flowers from Perth and indie band Bruce Peninsula from Ontario.

Podcast #409

June 24, 2020

Featuring Bliss n Eso, Mob Bounce, Cable Ties and more

360 feat. Gossling – ‘Boys Like You’ [AU]
Bliss n Eso – ‘Addicted’ [AU]
Hilltop Hoods – ‘The Nosebleed Section’ [AU]
I Witness – ‘My Name Is Kyoto’ [UK/NZ]
Blind Lucy – ‘Elephant’ [AU]
Cable Ties – ‘Sandcastles’ [AU]
Beatrice Deer – ‘1997’ [CA]
The Jerry Cans – ‘Atauttikkut’ [CA]
Mob Bounce – ‘Journey To The Cave’ [CA]
Paige Drobot – ‘Woman’ [CA]
Elise Boulanger – ‘The Mariner’s Remedy’ [CA]
Gary Edward Allen – ‘3 Days Early, 4 Years Late’ [CA]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Mum Changed The Locks’ [AU]

In celebration of National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada, this week we share tracks from three outstanding contemporary Indigenous acts – Beatrice Deer, The Jerry Cans and Mob Bounce who hail from Quebec, Nunavut and BC respectively. We introduce electronica act I Witness from the UK who have a kiwi connection, as well as Paige Drobot from Winnipeg.