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Podcast #433

December 29, 2021

Featuring Paul Jacobs, Lonely Parade, Carpet Burn and more

The Vines – ‘Outtathaway’
The Vines – ‘Animal Machine’
The Vines – ‘Vision Valley’
Bitumen – ‘Moving Now Now Now’
Carpet Burn – ‘Ghost’
TOLSON – ‘I’m Happy When I’m Sad’
Tired Cossack – ‘Machina’
Fjord Mustang – ‘Fortune’
Art Bergmann – ‘Christo-Fascists’
Clara Engel – ‘Stary Eyed Goat’
Hewson Grey – ‘Small Town’
Paul Jacobs – ‘Christopher Robb ins’
Lonely Parade – ‘Olive Green’

This week we revisit the first three albums from Sydney’s The Vines. Then it’s our weekly mix of new Australia and Canadian music including industrial band Bitumen, Tired Cossack from Winnipeg, and we introduce Clara Engel from Toronto who’s music has been described as ‘minimalist holy blues from another galaxy.’

Podcast #432

December 28, 2021

Featuring Ouri, Phuture Memoriez, Tam Vantage and more

The Reels – ‘Quasimodo’s Dream’
The Reels – ‘After The News’
The Reels – ‘Kitchen Man’
Scalper – ‘Tainted Love’
Gardenia – ‘Acorn’
Tam Vantage – ‘The Dentist’
Century Egg – ‘Mirror’
Assault Charge – ‘Margarita’
Ouri – ‘Ossature’
Phuture Memoriez – ‘Blood Clots’
10 Day Notice – ‘Calorie’
Wagons – ‘Why Do You Always Cry?’

‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ by The Reels (1981)’ is listed at #184 on the brand new Rolling Stone’s Greatest Australian Albums of All Time list, and we air the iconic title track and two others. We introduce Tam Vantage from Melbourne, share the debut single from Assault Charge, the collaboration between Eamon McGrath and BC-based noise artist Holzkopf and air track from the forthcoming debut album from 10 Day Notice, from The Cariboo.

Podcast #431

December 10, 2021

.Featuring SNFU, Olivia’s World, Art Bergmann and more

New Christs – ‘These Rags’
New Christs – ‘Pedestal’
New Christs – ‘In State’
Larissa Tandy – ‘Sirens’
Courtney Barnett – ‘Rae Street’
Olivia’s World – ‘Debutante’
Suzie Underlinger – ‘Summer Baby’
Art Bergmann – ‘Entropy’
Future Star – ‘Fill Me Up’
SNFU – ‘Suddenly’
Debbie Friday – ‘Runnin’
Asian Persuasion Allstars – ‘Racist Friend’

2021 has produced a mountain of quality music, despite global pressures and this week we review some tracks from earlier in the year that you may have missed. Suzie Underlinger has returned to Vancouver and begun using her birth name for her music after many years performing as Oh Susanna and we air a track from her latest release. We also air a track from the surprise archival EP release from SNFU which is made up of outtakes from the brilliant In the Meantime and In Between Time record.

Podcast #430

November 29, 2021

Featuring Sampology, Shawnee Kish, Ashley Shadow and more

Hard-Ons – ‘Notice Me’
Hard-Ons – ‘Stop Crying’
Hard-Ons – ‘Burning Up On Re-Entry’
Hard-Ons – ‘Hold Tight’
Becca Hatch – ‘Safety’
Sampology – ‘Suffer and Swim’
The Melawmen Collective – ‘Sail Me Away’
Quinn Pickering – ‘Grapefruit’
Shawnee Kish – ‘Light Me Up’
Dominique Fils-Aimé – ‘While We Wait’
Ashley Shadow – ‘Don’t Slow Me Down’
Larissa Tandy – ‘No Fun’

I was skeptical upon hearing that Tim Rogers of You Am I was joining the Hard-Ons as lead singer, but I must admit, the brand new album ‘Sorry Sir, This Riff’s Been Taken’ is a real banger! We air the single Hold Tight from the record before new tracks from Sampology, The Melawmen Collective, Ashley Shadow and more.

Podcast #429

November 29, 2021

Featuring Cee, BAAB, Chad Vangaalen and more

Shihad – ‘Stations’
Shihad – ‘Gimme Gimmie’
Shihad – ‘La La Land’
Taylah J – ‘White Lies’
Cyndy Moody – ‘Ngany Koorla’
Water Streets – ‘Soulness’
Cee – ‘Stay Woke’
Brendan Scott Friel – ‘All In’
Chad Vangaalen – ‘Samurai Sword’
Mustafa – ‘The Hearse’
BAAB – ‘Moi Aussi’
Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Lito – ‘Run Away With Her’
Ben Lee – ’10 ft. Tall’

Stranded is back from hiatus! Thanks for tuning back into the show. We’re going to continue bi-weekly with an eclectic mix of old and new Aussie and Canadian tracks. This week we feature some of the new generation of Australian Aboriginal artists – Cyndy Moody and Water Streets – and we air the debt single of Queensland-based hip hop artist Taylah J, who is of Samoan descent.