Podcast #433

December 29, 2021

Featuring Paul Jacobs, Lonely Parade, Carpet Burn and more

The Vines – ‘Outtathaway’
The Vines – ‘Animal Machine’
The Vines – ‘Vision Valley’
Bitumen – ‘Moving Now Now Now’
Carpet Burn – ‘Ghost’
TOLSON – ‘I’m Happy When I’m Sad’
Tired Cossack – ‘Machina’
Fjord Mustang – ‘Fortune’
Art Bergmann – ‘Christo-Fascists’
Clara Engel – ‘Stary Eyed Goat’
Hewson Grey – ‘Small Town’
Paul Jacobs – ‘Christopher Robb ins’
Lonely Parade – ‘Olive Green’

This week we revisit the first three albums from Sydney’s The Vines. Then it’s our weekly mix of new Australia and Canadian music including industrial band Bitumen, Tired Cossack from Winnipeg, and we introduce Clara Engel from Toronto who’s music has been described as ‘minimalist holy blues from another galaxy.’

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