Podcast #432

December 28, 2021

Featuring Ouri, Phuture Memoriez, Tam Vantage and more

The Reels – ‘Quasimodo’s Dream’
The Reels – ‘After The News’
The Reels – ‘Kitchen Man’
Scalper – ‘Tainted Love’
Gardenia – ‘Acorn’
Tam Vantage – ‘The Dentist’
Century Egg – ‘Mirror’
Assault Charge – ‘Margarita’
Ouri – ‘Ossature’
Phuture Memoriez – ‘Blood Clots’
10 Day Notice – ‘Calorie’
Wagons – ‘Why Do You Always Cry?’

‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ by The Reels (1981)’ is listed at #184 on the brand new Rolling Stone’s Greatest Australian Albums of All Time list, and we air the iconic title track and two others. We introduce Tam Vantage from Melbourne, share the debut single from Assault Charge, the collaboration between Eamon McGrath and BC-based noise artist Holzkopf and air track from the forthcoming debut album from 10 Day Notice, from The Cariboo.

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