Podcast #431

December 10, 2021

.Featuring SNFU, Olivia’s World, Art Bergmann and more

New Christs – ‘These Rags’
New Christs – ‘Pedestal’
New Christs – ‘In State’
Larissa Tandy – ‘Sirens’
Courtney Barnett – ‘Rae Street’
Olivia’s World – ‘Debutante’
Suzie Underlinger – ‘Summer Baby’
Art Bergmann – ‘Entropy’
Future Star – ‘Fill Me Up’
SNFU – ‘Suddenly’
Debbie Friday – ‘Runnin’
Asian Persuasion Allstars – ‘Racist Friend’

2021 has produced a mountain of quality music, despite global pressures and this week we review some tracks from earlier in the year that you may have missed. Suzie Underlinger has returned to Vancouver and begun using her birth name for her music after many years performing as Oh Susanna and we air a track from her latest release. We also air a track from the surprise archival EP release from SNFU which is made up of outtakes from the brilliant In the Meantime and In Between Time record.

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