Podcast #427

January 2, 2021

Featuring Tessa Thames, TV Freaks, Freelove Fenner and more

Billy Bragg – ‘Ontario Quebec and Me’ [UK]
The Posies – ‘Ontario’ [US]
The Mountain Goats – ‘Ontario’ [US]
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – ‘Born In Ontario’ [CA]
Lonely Boys – ‘The Hunter’ [AU]
Tessa Thames – ’50K Carat’ [AU]
Celibate Rifles – ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (cover)’ [AU]
Jemma & The Good Thing – ‘When You Come Home’ [CA]
Dennis Ellsworth – ‘Becuz of U’ [CA]
Freelove Fenner – ‘Shoulder Season’ [CA]
Eve Parker Finley – ‘Clouds’ [CA]
TV Freaks – ‘Souvenir’ [CA]
New Fries – ‘Bangs’ [CA]
Trent Agecoutay – ‘Shopping Stoned at Christmas’ [CA]
Adrift – ‘I See Christmas’ [CA]

This week we start with four tracks with ‘Ontario’ in the title. We share a track from a new covers EP from the now defunct Celibate Rifles, called Extracts From The Fungus, featuring tracks that were recorded in the 80s for an intended album that was never released. Also featured is Christmas tunes from Canadian artists Trent Agecoutay and Adrift.

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