Podcast #410

July 1, 2020

Featuring Scarlet Drive, Constantines, Leela Gilday and more 

Tamam Shud – ‘Music Train Evolution’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘I’m No One’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘Mr Strange’ [AU]
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’ [AU]
Servo Flowers – ‘Messed Up’ [AU]
Scarlet Drive – ‘Not My Problem’ [AU]
Constantines – ‘Call Me Out’ [CA]
Bruce Peninsula – ‘Whistle’ [CA]
Leela Gilday – ‘Giants’ [CA]
Freak Heat Waves – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ [CA]
Patrick Farrugia – ‘Through The Looking Glass’ [CA]
Missy D – ‘Paint’ [CA]

Tamam Shud are a psychedelic, progressive rock and surf rock band who formed in 1967. Their unusual name comes from the mystery of the Somerton Man….We air three tracks from their debut album, Evolution, at the top of the show. We introduce world-class Australian Indigenous R&B and neo-soul artist Miiesha, Servo Flowers from Perth and indie band Bruce Peninsula from Ontario.

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