Podcast #354

November 3, 2018

Featuring Ashtray Boy, Georgi Kay, Kyp Harness and more

Ashtray Boy – ‘Shirley MacLaine (feat. Liz Phair)’ [AU]
Ashtray Boy – ‘Vacuum Cleaner Salesman’ [AU]
Ashtray Boy – ‘Anyone Can Make A Mistake’ [AU]
Swallow The Rat – ‘Echoes of a Tide’ [NZ]
Amyl and the Sniffers – ‘Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)’ [AU]
Georgi Kay – ‘Lone Wolf’ [AU]
Joe Nolan – ‘Breaking Up And Out’ [CA]
Ben Kunder – ‘Fight For Time’ [CA]
Kyp Harness – ‘Sweet Release’ [CA]
Georgia Lee Johnson – ‘Younger, Brighter’ [CA]
Lief Hall – ‘Roses for Ruins’ [CA]

Ashtray Boy is the ideal musical project to feature on the show because singer-songwriter Randall Lee of the band has lived in both Vancouver and Melbourne. Firmly committed to DIY, Randall has been performing as Ashtray Boy since 1984 and has recorded ten albums thus far and we feature three songs from these records at the top of the show. And keep listening for new tracks from quality Canadian singer-songwriters including Kyp Harness, Ben Kunder and Georgia Lee Johnson.

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