Podcast #289

October 26, 2016

Featuring tracks from the ‘Charles and Commercial’ compilation

Even – ‘Sunshine Comes’ [AU]
Even – ‘Electric Light’ [AU]
Even – ‘Little Piece’ [AU]
Sun God Replica – ‘Blow Your Mind’ [AU]
The Peep Tempel – ‘Rayguns’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Daemons’ [AU]
Ok Vancouver Ok – ‘Empty Head’ [CA]
Anna Scouten – ‘The Latest News’ [CA]
FRANKIE – ‘Atmosphere’ [CA]
Daniel Moir – ‘Sorry’ [CA]
Duotang – ‘Karma Needs To Come Around’ [CA]
Corb Lund – ‘Weight Of The Gun’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘My Rights Verses Yours’ [CA]

We re-introduce listeners to seminal Melbourne-based 3-piece Even at the top of the show. The band started in 1994 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Ash Naylor joined forces with school friend and drummer Kotter and Wally Kempton of punk legends the Meanies. Over 20 years and 6 quality albums of 60s-inspired guitar rock, the band has just released new single ‘Little Piece’ which we feature today.

Our Canadian half of the show will be given a boost over the next few weeks thanks to the great new compilation showcasing East Vancouver musicians by Adam Roper’s Birds of Canada blog, entitled ‘Charles and Commercial. We feature compilation tracks from Ok Vancouver Ok, Anna Scouten and FRANKIE. And keep listening towards the end of the show for the brand new single ‘Sorry’ from singer-songwriter Daniel Moir who was a past guest on Stranded!

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