Stranded podcast #271

May 11, 2016

Featuring an interview with Metis country singer JJ.Lavallee

Alchemist – ‘Yoni Kunda’
The Levitation Hex – ‘The Thing Time Can’t Mend’
JJ. Lavallee – ‘Maple Sugar’ 
JJ. Lavallee – ‘Good Metis Man’
Bre McDaniel – ‘Stardust’
Matthew Moses – ‘Angel’
Gary Edward Allen – ‘Easy To Pretend’
Wild/Kind – ‘You And Her And Me’
Tough Age – ‘New Orleans Square’

We kick off the show on the extreme end of the musical spectrum with a classic from Canberra-based space-metal legends Alchemist and then follow-up with a brand new punishing track from The Levitation Hex, featuring former Alchemist vocalist and songwriter Angus Aguis.

And we feature this year’s first special guest, Metis country-singer JJ.Lavallee. This interview was recorded way back in December at a Christmas gathering of the Metis people of Williams Lake, BC. JJ comes from a fine musical pedigree, having cut his teeth playing traditional Metis fiddle tunes in family bands, which led to his debut album “Jimmy’s Breakdown” capturing a 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award. JJ has since branched out into the singer-songwriter and country genres and plays festivals regularly throughout Canada.

Featured video: JJ.Lavallee – ‘Maple Sugar’ [2014]

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