Stranded podcast #270

April 27, 2016

Featuring Liz Stringer, Megan Bernard, Bre McDaniel and more

Eric Bogel – ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Point-Man’
The Church – ‘Let Us Go’ 
Liz Stringer – ‘Anyone’
Megan Bernard – ‘Clean Up Your Life’
Ashley Shadow – ‘Tonight’
Bre McDaniel – ‘Crysolite’
Amaranth Road
– ‘Stainless’
Shotgun Jimmie – ‘Field Of Trampolines’
Corin Raymond –  ‘Hard On Things’  
Art Bergman – The Legend Of Bobby Bird’

April 26th each year is ANZAC Day in Australia where we pay respect to those who served and lost their lives in military conflicts. We start the show on a solemn note with ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ which folk singer Eric Bogle wrote in remembrance of the 50,000 Australian troops who died at the Battle of Gallipoli on the Turkish Peninsula in World War 1.

We debut the inspiring single ‘Clean Up Your Life’, by Australian musician Megan Bernard (a Canadian named Bryn Oh created the film clip for the tune). And lots of great Canadian tunes as always, including an introduction to impressive new Vancouver voice Bre McDaniel.

Featured video:  Megan Bernard – ‘Clean Up Your Life’ [2015]

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