Stranded podcast #240

March 20, 2015

* Interview with record collector Ed Lasko Pt 2 *

We’re very honoured this week to welcome back record-collector extraordinaire Ed Lasko!  Ed gifted listeners last December with a selection of super-rare Australian 7″ singles and he has returned to continue his history lesson.  This week he re-visits the native British-Columbian Luke Simmons who transplanted himself to New Zealand where he became a country music pioneer.  Ed also introduces us to Australia’s first pop music star Frank Ifield, as well as the legendary folk/pop outfit The Seekers and more obscure finds like The Midnighter’s and The Southerners.   And of course there is the original version of ‘My Boomerang Won’t Come Back’ which was actually written by British man Charlie Drake!

Featured video: The Bee Gees – ‘Road To Alaska’ (live) [1975]

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