Stranded podcast #215

September 12, 2014

* 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival special *

We kick of the show this week with four blistering tracks from the classic record ‘Readin’ Between The Lines’ by Asteroid-B612. Johnny Spittles led this high-octane Detroit-rock inspired outfit through the 90s before the band imploded part way through a European tour. He currently plays music as Johnny Casino and the Secrets and he is highly regarded in the Australian rock n roll world.

The second half of the show is devoted to a special on the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival I contributed to a podcast series for The Arts Report on CiTR 101.9fm and you can hear a replay of the two podcasts on the themes of ‘dating’ and ‘failure/quitting’. You’ll hear interviews with Emily Windler of ‘Gary Has A Date’ and Al Lafrance of ‘The Quitter’, after which you may be inspired to check out their plays at the festival itself! And I’m delighted to present a bonus interview with Fringe veteran and UK funny-man/philosopher Jem Rolls, who passionately speaks to why he loves ‘fringing’.

Featured video:  Asteroid B-612 – ‘September Crush’ (live) [2011]

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