Stranded podcast #196

April 29, 2014

* Featuring LIVE music by High Society and David Roy Parsons as well as guest Rod Matheson of EverydayMusicTV *

The established friendships between all three of our guests on the show this week, is testament to the supportive musical climate in East Vancouver. Our first guest, Rod Matheson, has been filming 1000 songs in 1000 days and uploading them to youtube for his innovative Everyday Music project. Rod has already met and filmed a huge number of talented locals, including the members of High Society, who play four songs live in the studio today! Incidentally, Rod is a big fan of folk musician David Roy Parsons, who returns to Stranded this week to play two songs – and oldie and a new one – right at the end of our fun-packed studio gathering.

Featured video: High Society – ‘One Day’ [2012]

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