Stranded podcast #194

April 12, 2014

* Featuring interviews with singer-songwriter Fleur Jack and poet/radio DJ Adam Roper *

We’re fortunate enough to have two special guests play on today’s show. First up is kiwi-born rootsy singer songwriter Fleur Jack. Fleur fills us in on her fascinating life story, having established herself in New Zealand as a musician and radio show host, before courageously relocating to Seattle, WA after meeting her partner on tour in North America. She’s is currently raising a young child and performing locally in Seattle with her partner in the project W Lovers.

Adam Roper joins us at the tail end of the show. He is a poet and programmer at CIVL Radio in Abbotsford, BC. Adam speaks of his experience living in Abbotsford and plays us some of his musical finds in that tight-knit scene of that city. You can find tonnes of great music right here at Adam’s blog -

Featured video: Fleur Jack and the Jandells – ‘Ghosts of Simmaron’ [2011]

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