Stranded podcast #186

February 8, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Australian blues musician Ash Grunwald *

Last week we interviewed the brooding Zeb Piggot-Duggan, a new voice of the singer-songwriter scene of Vancouver. You can hear an original recording of his music today, along with a track by legendary local songwriter David Roy Parsons, and a song by myself!  We’re all playing this evening at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver.

We last spoke to today’s special guest, Ash Grunwald, last August, when he was preparing for a Canadian tour.  Today Ash calls through from the stunningly beautiful surfing and wine region of Margaret River in Western Australia.  Ash has just taken a rare chunk of time off the road to practice and write, and while he is croaky-voiced from a gig the night before, he speaks enthusiastically about preparations from his upcoming return to Canada.   He also takes the time to demonstrate his passion for raising awareness of the dangers of the industrial process of ‘fracking’, of which he wrote the song ‘The Last Stand’ on his Gargantua LP.

Featured video:  Ash Grunwald – ‘The Last Stand’ (live) [2013]

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