Stranded podcast #184

January 25, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Vancouver-based poet Jennifer Zilm *

The Enigmas are a Vancouver institution – a post-punk band from the 80s who existed for a short period of time, recording two albums and leaving behind an adoring local fan base.  Many of those fans (and at least one new one in yours truly) were treated to a seemingly one-off reunion show at the Wise Hall in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago.  Front man Paul McKenzie, was in astonishing form the whole show, which included him playing sax and riding his motor bike onto the stage for the final song!

Local poet Jennifer Zilm has just released a chap book titled ‘The Whole and Broken Yellows: Van Gogh Poems and Others’.  She will be launching the book next Tuesday night at the Cottage Bistro on Main Street.  Today Jennifer visits the CiTR studios to read from her collection and speak about how she was inspired to write many of these poems after discovering the voluminous collection of letters that the great Van Gogh wrote to friends and family.

Featured video:  The Enigmas – ‘Teenage Barnacle’ (1983)


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