Stranded podcast #181

December 21, 2013

* Featuring Canberra band Falling Joys and some Vancouver bands playing Christmas songs *

Falling Joys formed in Canberra in 1983 and by the late 80s, following a move to Sydney, were at the forefront of the Australian indie scene.  Their 1990 album Wish List was even released on Netwerk Records in Vancouver!  You can hear the three singles from this indie classic at the top end of the show.

Keeping to the theme of sounds from the nation’s capital, thanks to Pete Huet of Waterford, I received a package of CDs from Canberra bands Super Best Friends, Hoodlum Shouts, Shoeb AhmadSpartak and From The South.

Merry xmas loyal listeners!  A range of Vancouver bands pay tribute to the holidays in our final set of songs.

Featured video: Falling Joys – ‘You’re A Mess’ (1990)

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