Podcast #171

September 27, 2013


* Featuring interviews with Vancouver-based poet Mariner Janes and New Zealand-based musician Matt Smith of the band Symphony of Screams *

Two fantastic interviews on the show this week.  First up we welcome Vancouver-based poet Mariner Janes into the studio.  Mariner reveals what it’s like balancing his writing with life as a husband and father and worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  And he recites poems from his debut anthology ‘The Monument Cycles’. You can catch Mariner reading at this weekend’s Word Vancouver Festival.

Matt Smith phones through in the second half of the show from his home on the North Island of New Zealand.  Matt is the lead singer of metal/grunge band Symphony Of Screams, as well as being the proprietor of AAA Records.  Matt and I had a chance meeting when Matt wandered into the CiTR studio last month, while he was in Vancouver attending a conference.  So I was keen to get him on the line as soon as he got home!  Part two of the interview will be aired in the coming weeks….

Interview with poet Mariner Janes
Seekers International -‘Yardtech A’
Symphony of Screams – ‘Amsterdam Place’ [NZ]
Interview with Matt Smith Pt 1
Thomas Coffey and The Grinders – ‘Tremendous Heart’ [NZ]
Kaipara Jammers – ‘Swans On G’ [NZ]
Radio Glow – ‘Capture’ [NZ]
Interview with Matt Smith Pt 2
Lorde – ‘Royals’ [NZ]
Simone Holland – ‘Kainga’ [NZ]
Allana Goldsmith – ‘Nature Boy’ [NZ]

Featured video: Symphony of Screams – ‘Amsterdam Place’ [2013]

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