Podcast #170

September 22, 2013


* Featuring multi-instrumentalist Conrad Penner LIVE in the studio *

This week we invite into the studio, Conrad Penner, a fascinating multi-instrumentalist, who has been a fixture of the Vancouver music scene for well over a decade. Conrad speaks of a variety of projects that he has been part of over years, and plays a range of tracks that demonstrate his eclectic musical abilities. He also plays a couple of acoustic tracks LIVE in the studio, including a a cover of a Kurt Cobain-penned rarity.

And a favorite guest of the show, Janis McKenzie of CiTR Radio pops into the studio at the tail end of the show to play a track by the legendary Vancouver band The Enigmas, as well as the impressive singer Oh Susanna. Enjoy!

Spacesum – ‘Spacescum’ [CA]
Better Than Nothing- ‘Drunk Again’ [CA]
Pen 15 – ‘Spaceracer’ [CA]
DrivewayBros – ‘Driveway Tarp’ [CA]
Conrad Penner – ‘Disaster Piece’ (live) [CA]
Wickedmix 181 – ’10 Feet Tall [CA]’
Potus – ‘rlprnr’ [CA]
Under Trees – ‘None Too Pleased’ [CA]
Conrad Penner – ‘Old Age’ (Nirvana) (live) [CA]
The Enigmas – ‘Teenage Barnacle’ [CA]
Symphony Of Screams – ‘Amsterdam Place’ [NZ]
Oh Susanna – ‘You’ll Always Be’ [CA]

Featured video – Simon & Conrad – ‘Dual Beats’ (2009)

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