Stranded podcast #156

June 14, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Adam Deane, Edmonton-based Aboriginal hip hop performer and music producer *

First up on the show are a handful of tracks from You Am I lead singer Tim Rogers, as we revisit the solo records ‘Ghosts Songs/Dirty Ron’ (2005) with his band The Temperance Union, and ‘The Luxury of Hysteria’ (2007).  I’m excited to track down the re-issues of the first three You Am I albums with bonus discs of b-sides and rarities which we’ll feature on the show in due course.

An extra-special interview today as Aboriginal hip hop artist and producer Adam Deane phones through from Edmonton, Alberta. Adam does some amazing work encouraging healthy lifestyles and well being for Aboriginal youth in his community through the Youth Expressions Workshop.   Tune in to hear Adam speak about his work and feature some of acts on his roster at Identity Records.   This is some impressive hip-hop with deeply positive lyrical messages.

Brightly are an electronic/folk trio from Melbourne who have a wonderful new single release called ‘Preflight Nerves’.  Check out the neat interactive Twitter video below!   And lots of great new music from British Columbia with a track from the band new SHED album and the CiTR radio debut of singer-songwriter Leonard Pennifold who treats us with two of his exuberant tracks from the album ‘Money Scars.’   Super-energetic all-female acts Hooves and Bushtit are playing together in Vancouver this weekend before Bushtit embarks on their first ever tour.  Enjoy the tunes!

Tim Rogers – ‘Dumb’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Wild One’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Do It Again'[AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘My Brother’s Room’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘You Absolutely Charming Man’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Goodnight Boys’ [AU]
Brightly – ‘Preflight Nerves’ [AU]
Brightly – ‘Sarah’
Collective Conscience – ‘Turn On The Mike’ [CA]
Interview with Adam Deane Pt 1
D’Riginal ft. Brandi – ‘Save My Soul’ [CA]
Genesis, Brandi, Young Illusion – ‘Native With Attitude (Tonto)’ [CA]
Interview with Adam Deane Pt 2
Brandi – ‘My Little Shy Shy’ [CA]
SHED – ‘Carry That Load’ [CA]
Leonard Pennifold -‘Cartwheels’ [CA]
Leonard Pennifold – ‘Money Scars’ [CA]
Hooves – ‘Mooves Like Katty’ [CA]
Bushtit – ‘Neon Chandeliers’ [CA]
Derek Wheeler – ‘Pretxelz’ [CA]

Featured video:  Brightly – ‘Pre-flight Nerves’ [2013]

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