Stranded podcast #139

January 26, 2013

* Featuring Los Angeles based musician and film maker Peter Foldy LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today is an extra-special show as we welcome into the studio Peter Foldy, a Los Angeles-based musician and film maker who we interviewed previously on the phone (podcast #133).  Peter is most well-known for his 1973 hit song Bondi Junction and has since gone on to establish himself as a photographer, screenplay writer and filmmaker (e.g Silver Man, 2000).

Throughout his years in Hollywood, Peter has continued to write, record and produce music.  Peter is finalizing tracks for an upcoming album and he is currently in Vancouver assisting Todd Fancey of the New Pornographers record a solo record.  Today on the show we feature a number of Peter’s new recordings, and Peter speaks extensively about his music, his film work and his teenage years in Sydney where he was friends with the amazing Bee Gees when they were first starting out!

Peter Foldy – ‘So Emotional’ [CA/AU]
Trevor Gordon – ‘Here I Am’ [AU/UK]
Peter Foldy – ‘Bondi Junction’ [CA/AU]
Chat with Peter Foldy Pt 1
The Bee Gees – ‘Wine and Women’ [AU]
Chat with Peter Foldy Pt 2
Peter Foldy – ‘Something Happened’ [CA/AU]
Chat with Peter Foldy Pt 3
Peter Foldy – ‘Philadelphia On Your Mind’ [CA/AU]
Chat with Peter Foldy Pt 4
Peter Foldy – ‘Rejection From You’ [CA/AU]
Chat with Peter Foldy Pt 5
Peter Foldy – ‘Carly’ [CA/AU]

Featured video – Peter Foldy – ‘Love City’ and ‘School Of Love’ (live) [1982]

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