Stranded podcast #133

November 24, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Los Angeles-based musician and filmmaker Peter Foldy who recorded a string of great pop hits in the 1970s, and who has spent time living in Australia and Canada *

The long-running Canadian independent label Ugly Pop Records is re-issuing some classic 7″ singles, including some vinyl from Australia. IN-SECT are an obscure 60s garage band from Adelaide, SA, who released their first single in June 1966.  Today on the show you can hear both sides of this fuzzed-out gem of a 7″, including the b-side cover of a Yardbirds classic.

And we continue featuring tunes from Adelaide with two brand new tracks from legendary hard-core band The Mark of Cain.  It’s been over 10 years since we’ve heard from brothers John (voc/guitars) and Kim Scott (bass) and drummer John Stainer, previously of US band Helmet.  The new record ‘Songs of the Third and Fifth’ is a typically brutal yet beautiful tour de force of tight playing and lyrics which focus on military themes and the plight of the lone existentialist.

We’re delighted to invite filmmaker and songwriter Peter Foldy to chat during the second half of the show.  Peter has recently taken time out from his busy schedule in Los Angeles to assist Todd Fancey of the New Pornographers to record a solo release in Vancouver.  Today Peter shares some of his fascinating life story which spans a youth spent in Sydney, where he was friends with the Bee Gees when they were just starting out, through to his own breakthrough as an artist with the heart-felt classic single ‘Bondi Junction’ (1973).

IN-SECT – ‘I Can See My Love’ [AU]
IN-SECT- ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain- ‘Barkhammer’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Heart of Stone’ [AU]
Peter Foldy – ‘Rejection From You’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 1
Peter Foldy – ‘Bondi Junction’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 2
Peter Foldy – ‘Meant to be together’ [AU/US]
Interview with Peter Foldy Pt 3
Peter Foldy – ‘Carly’ [AU/US]

Featured video – Peter Foldy – ‘Bondi Junction’ (1973)

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