Stranded podcast #130

October 13, 2012

* Featuring tracks from Geelong’s Magic Dirt and an interview with Vancouver poet Weldon Gardner Hunter, reading from his latest anthology ‘The Stella and Pony Years‘ *

We periodically revisit Magic Dirt on the show because this seminal band from the industrial city of Geelong, fronted by the gorgeous and explosive Adalita Srsen, is just so damn rockin’!   You can enjoy two tracks today from their brooding and heavily distorted debut full-length from 1996, ‘Friends In Danger.’

Weldon Gardner Hunter is a rare breed of poet.   While embedded in the academe, where he is completing a PhD, Weldon maintains a practice of composing poetry from the heart, which documents his life in the city of Vancouver.  These poems have been compiled into the delightful anthology ‘The Stella and Pony Years’ (2012).  Above all else, Weldon desires these poems be shared with friends (my copy of ‘…Pony Years’ is currently my go-to reading for lthe long 99 bus ride).

And Weldon has many friends in the independent music scene of Vancouver, which makes him an extra-stimulating guest for this show.  Today, Weldon reads selections from ‘The Stella and Pony Years’ which is available online and locally at Pulp Fiction Books.  Weldon also spins tunes from local acts Menopause and Family video, who feature the musical contributions of prominent indie locals Nicole Caron and Jeff Johnson respectively.

Magic Dirt – ‘Sparrow ‘ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘I Was Cruel’ [AU]
Lowlakes – ‘Cold Company’ [AU]
The Valery Trails – ‘Feline’ [AU]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Pt 1
Rainyard – ‘1000 years’ [AU]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Pt 2
Menopause – ‘Mixtape’ [CA]
Menopause – ‘No Hymen’ [CA]
Menopause – ‘Marion’s Birthday Sermon’ [CA]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Part 3
Family video – ‘Paradise’ [CA]
Interview with Weldon Hunter Part 4
Myths – ‘ The Labyrinth’ [CA]

Featured video: Magic Dirt – ‘I Was Cruel’ live [1996]

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