Stranded podcast #121

August 4, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Jeffrey Armstrong about the upcoming Kirtan Vancouver and an interview with Jesse Dee of Picture The Ocean *

It is an honour to invite onto the show today accomplished poet, author and teacher of Vedic knowledge, Jeffrey Armstrong.  Jeffrey will be a key speaker and centre point at the Kirtan Vancouver Festival where he will help set the tone and provide context for the performances.  Jeffrey is a 35 year committed yoga practitioner and on today’s show he speaks about the true meaning behind Kirtans which had their origin in ancient India. 

Today I feature a brief retrospective on Sydney indie, surf, blues band The Cruel Sea.  In 1989, legendary frontman Tex Perkins (also of the Beasts of Bourbon), joined this tight and hard-working instrumental band that named themselves after the name of a 1964 instrumental US group, The Ventures.  The Cruel Sea.  Their early music has been described as “atmospheric music [that] evoked the feel of wide open spaces”, certainly as evidenced on the tracks ‘4’ and ‘Ths Is Not The Way Home’ that I feature today, before progessing into ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ and ‘Three Legged Dog’ records. 

At the tail end of the show we catch up once again with Jesse Dee, this time from his hotel room in Wells, BC, where he is playing the Arts Wells Festival this weekend with his band Picture the Ocean.  Picture the Ocean will be supporting Aussie band Aurora Jane at the Rickshaw in Vancouver on 8 Aug.  MG

Interview with Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi)
Karnamrita Dasi – ‘Devaki’
The Cruel Sea – ‘4’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘This Is Not The Way Home’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘Black Stick’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘Just A Man’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘Too Fast For Me’ [AU]
The Cruel Sea – ‘Better Get A Lawyer’ [AU]
Picture The Ocean – ‘Erehwon’ [CA]
Aurora Jane – ‘Till I Die’ [AU]

Featured video: The Cruel Sea – ‘Better Get a Lawyer’ (live) [2000]

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