Stranded podcast #118

July 7, 2012

* Featuring Australian singer-songwriter Jason Lowe LIVE in the CiTR studio! *

There’s nothing I like more than inviting wandering Australian singer-songwriters in the studio to chat and strum some tunes.  Jason Lowe has recently landed in Vancouver, brand new record in hand, to experience life on the West Coast and play as much music as he can.  After only a couple of weeks in the city, Jason has booked a number of gigs and he found his way on the 99 B-line to join me in the studio.  Today you’ll hear some gorgeous numbers played live acoustically from his self-titled release.

Today we also travel back in time to revisit a couple of early INXS releases – ‘The Swing’ from 1984, just as the band was stepping up into prominence globally, and 1992’s  ‘Welcome to Whereever You Are’, which landed just as grunge was on the ascendency, leaving INXS with a dwindling fan base.

Jungal is an all-female Australian roots-rock band who are touring Western Canada presenting . I feature a live track from these Melbourne girls.  And coming up next week is the Vancouver Folk Fest so I preview a few of the bands on the bill of this great summer weekend.  MG.

INXS – ‘Original Sin’ [AU]
INXS – ‘I Send A Message’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Burn For You’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Heaven Sent’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Taste It’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Not Enough Time’ [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘Sails of Shimmer’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe –  ‘To The Wind and Roam’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘No Longer An Eden’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘Seas Of Sacred Song’ [AU]
Bombolese – ‘Not Cumbia Anymore’ [CA]
Canailles –  ‘Bien-etre’ [CA]
Jason Freeman-Foxx and the Opposite of Everything – ‘Caboose’ [CA]
Jungal – ‘Live song’ [AU]

Featured video – Jason Lowe – ‘Sails of Shimmer’ (2012)

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