Stranded podcast #110

May 5, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church and side-project Isidore *

Hello again music lovers!  Last weekend was Record Store Day and I loaded up on some vinyl at Scratch Records in Vancouver.  And thanks to Zack for pointing out a few Australian obscurities including a live EP by The Powdermonkeys called ‘Straight Until Morning.’ This blistering 1995 set by one of Melbourne’s most lauded rock bands, led by rock and roll true believer, the late Tim Hemensley, was recorded live in the JJJ Radio studios.

And what a treat it always is to interview Steve Kilbey for the show. I spoke with Steve over the phone this week about his side-project Isidore, with Jeffrey Cain.  The much-anticipated second release from Isidore called ‘Life Somewhere Else‘ is another nuanced hypnotic gem from this quality duo.  Today Steve talks about how he came to partner with the American Jeffrey Cain and he shares a remarkable story about his discovery of Bhakti Yoga.  I  feature four tracks today from the self-titled release from Isidore and two tracks from the new record.  More to come next week…

The Powdermonkeys – ‘Straight Until Morning’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘Gotta Push The World Away’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘I Thank You’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘Persecution Blues’ (live) [AU]
The Powdermonkeys  – ‘I Stand Bare’ (live) [AU]
Isidore – ‘Musidora’ [AU/US]
Isidore – ‘Sanskrit’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 1
Isidore – ‘Ghosting’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 2
Isidore – ‘Transmigration’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 3
Isidore –  ‘Life Somewhere Else’ [AU/US]
Isidore – ‘Old Black Spirit’ [AU/US]

Featured video:  Isidore – ‘Sanskrit’ (2004)

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