Stranded podcast #107

April 13, 2012

*Featuring Not Drowing, Waving *

Hello!  This week I’m featuring an act that I somehow didn’t explore enough growing up in Australia but who I was re-introduced to via my ‘secret admirer’ who left a bunch of Australian CDs at the station with my name on them.  Two Not Drowning, Waving CDs found their way to me and thank goodness for that!  Formed in 1983, Not Drowning, Waving released 7 albums of evocative alternative music with ambient and world music textures.  You’ll hear tracks today from the albums Little Desert and Claim, as well as stunning intrumentals from the acclaimed Proof movie soundtack.  MG

Not Drowning, Waving – ‘The Same Heat’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Through the One Last Door’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Willow Tree’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Fishing Trawler’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Palau’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Terra Nullius’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Walk’ [AU]
Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Happy’ [AU]
Love Connection – ‘Nobody Knows’ [AU]
Last Dinosaurs – ‘Zoom’ [AU]
Bearhug – ‘Be Fine’ [AU]
Inquisition – ‘Pine’ [CA]
The Ex- Boyfriends – ‘Bubblegum’ [CA]
SSRIs – ‘Clay Faced, Meat Boots’ [CA]
Black Mountain – ‘Phosphorescent Waves’ [CA]
Black Mountain – ‘Breathe’ [CA]

Featured video: Not Drowning, Waving – ‘Fishing Trawler’ (1988)

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