ozstranded podcast #102

March 10, 2012


* Featuring the 1998 classic ’16 Lovers Lane’ by the Go-Betweens *


The Go-Betweens – ‘Love Goes On’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Quiet Heart’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Love Is a Sign’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘You Can’t Say No Forever’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘The Devil’s Eye’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Streets of Your Town’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Clouds’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Was There Anything I Could Do’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘I’m All Right’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Dive for Your Memory’ [AU]
Adalita -‘Fool Around’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Trycolour’ [AU]
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders- Cold Feet’ [AU]
Hannah Georgas – ‘Chit Chat’ [CA]
The Zolas – ‘Marlaina Kamikaze’ [CA]
Fanshaw – ‘Strong Hips’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Not So Far Fetched’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Go-Betweens – ‘Streets of Your Town’ (1988)

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